50 Gal. Black Xreservoir

50 Gallon Black XReservoir

Reservoir is the essential accessory in hydroponics grows system. At first place you may not consider buying it but it is plays a significant role in hydroponics. Hydroponics system is indoor gardening without soil and so the nutrients the plants needs to grow are supplied through water. The essential nutrients and minerals plants require to grow are mixed with water and then this solution is watered to the plants. Hydroponic systems are of many types and both cheap hydroponics, expensive ones and homemade hydroponics kits are also available.

Reservoir is used as a medium to dissolve nutrients into the water. There are about thousands of various types of reservoir available in the market. The wide range of various shapes and sizes Reservoirs are available today. Select the one most suitable and conceivable by your grow system. Xreservoir is well known reservoir brand that is available in 5 different sizes. The water holding capacity of Xreservoir varies from 25 to125 gallons. Here, the more details of Black Xreservoir i.e. 50 gallons is discussed.

Features of 50 Gal. Black Xreservoir

1. Color – The Xreservoir is offered in two different colors. You can choose from 50 Gal. Black Xreservoir or 50 Gal. white Xreservoir.
2. Size – Xreservoir is made available in different sizes such as 25, 50, 75, 100 and 125 gallons. Select the one appropriate for your hydroponic system.
3. Strong construction – 50 Gal. Black Xreservoir is designed using the strong and superior quality material.
4. Rigid – The high quality material integrated into the 50 Gal. Black Xreservoir offers you the most rigid and firm structure.
5. Durable – It is durable enough to be your partner in plant growth process for years and years.
6. Resistant – The 50 Gal. Black Xreservoir is able to withstand every type of extreme temperatures. It is also capable to handle natural forces.
7. Level Marking – 50 Gal. Black Xreservoir contains easy to view level indicators inside it. This helps you to maintain and measure nutrient levels regularly.
8. Lid – The 50 Gal. Black Xreservoir does not comes with a lid so you can buy a lid separately that will perfectly fit onto your Xreservoir. Using a lid will maintain clean water into the reservoirs.
9. Outside Dimensions – The outer dimension of 50 Gal. Black Xreservoir is 31″ x 43″ x 14″.
10. Weight – The weight of 50 Gal. Black Xreservoir is 11 pounds.

The Hydroponic grow systems such as NFT, ebb and flow, Bubbler or drip system requires 50 Gal. Black Xreservoir for mixing nutrient solutions. Irrespective of your preferred grow technique it is important to use high-quality hydroponic equipments such as reservoirs, lids, etc. The best buy and most reasonable rate for, 50 Gal. Black Xreservoir you will find only at dealzer.
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50 Gallon Black XReservoir
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