50 Gal. White Xreservoir

50 Gallon White Reservoir

The basic function of reservoirs is to hold the nutrient solution. Reservoirs are important component in hydroponics plants growing. Hydroponics is entirely a technique based on growing your plant using the water rich in nutrients. This funda is applied all through the plant life, in all stages, right from seedling till harvest. So you should make a smart purchase of all those components and accessories necessary from the initial stage when using hydroponics system.

Hydroponic reservoirs are used to keep the mixture of water and nutrients for your plants growing into hydroponic system. Always ensure to opt for a reservoir that fits perfectly to both your growing area and plants. If you are looking for reservoirs, you can choose from an extensive range offered by many companies. Xreservoir is known name for hydroponics reservoirs. Read more for the details of 50 Gal. White Xreservoir.


1. Size – Xreservoir is offered in different sizes. It is available in 5 different water holding capacity, 25, 50, 75, 100 gallons and 125 gallons
2. Color – Just like a 50 Gal. White Xreservoir, you can also select a 50 Gal. black Xreservoir.
3. Structure – The 50 Gal. White Xreservoir is made up of finest quality material and gives your grow system the most solid structure.
4. Tough – The 50 Gal. White Xreservoir has a tough body that has long life and will support you in growing for years.
5. Resistant – The 50 Gal. White Xreservoir includes features such as strength and durablity that makes it capable to withstand all severe temperatures. This makes it able to handle even natural forces.
6. Easy to view Marking – 50 Gal. White Xreservoir contains easy to view level indicators within, so that you can keep the nutrient levels and water at the right place.
7. Lid – The lid for 50 Gal. White Xreservoir is not included with it. So you will have to buy its lid separately. The lid is accurate and will easily fit into this reservoir.
8. Outside Dimensions – The dimension on the outside of 50 Gal. White Xreservoir is 31″ x 43″ x 14″.
9. Weight – 50 Gal. White Xreservoir weighs 11 pounds.

Reservoirs are useful to hold water and dissolve nutrients into this water. In some hydroponics systems such as ebb and flow, drip hydroponic grow systems and Nutrient Film technique (NFT), reservoirs are of greatest use.

  • In ebb and flow method, the plants are periodically flooded with a nutrient solution. The solution stays there for some time and then drains back into a reservoir.
  • In drip hydroponic systems the reservoir is usually placed beneath the plants. And the nutrient solution is passed on through tubes located above the plants. The excess amount of nutrient solution that is not absorbed reaches back into the reservoir using the drainage holes.
  • The Nutrient Film technique (NFT) is similar to the Ebb and Flow method. In Nutrient Film technique (NFT) the plants are placed into the tray and the tray is fed with the nutrient solution from the reservoir placed under the tray. In this method, the solution is constantly pumped through the tray which the plant can access at all times. The excess nutrient mix comes back to the reservoir.

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