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6″ x 36″ Cultilene Rockwool X-Fibre Slabs

6″ x 36″ Cultilene Rockwool X-Fibre Slabs

Cultilene Rockwool X-Fibre Slabs is real natural like substrates or grow medium in hydroponics system. It is prepared from volcanic rock, or basalt. With the use of the latest technologies, the basalt is heated and spun in several directions to offer you this unique fibre structure. This exceptional X-fibre Slabs structure is characterized by fibres that allow roots to run in all directions. Cultilene Rockwool X-Fibre Slabs are available in various sizes of which this article describes 6″ x 36″ Cultilene Rockwool X-Fibre Slabs.

Features of 6″ x 36″ Cultilene Rockwool X-Fibre Slabs Include:

  • It facilitates improved root distribution all through the slab, alike natural soil.
  • It encourages the roots growth more on the top part of the Cultilene Rockwool slab to allow your plants to absorb more nutrients
  • It allows high level of controllability for an effective air-to-water ratio
  • The reliable homogeneity feature allows unhindered and regular plants root growth
  • The functional strength and dimensions gives you ability for easy use
  • It has high quality polythene that is watertight with strong seals
  • The built in factory-made holes on the slabs is appropriate for crop growth while saving your time.
  • Very large water content to suit climate changes and growing needs possibility for vegetative/generative balance.
  • A sophisticated slab for excellent water and EC distribution
  • It is a very popular X-Fibre slab that supports plants growth in all growing conditions and systems.
  • Quick responsive to adjust and changes as per surrounding conditions

Benefits of 6″ x 36″ Cultilene Rockwool X-Fibre Slabs

Firmness: 6″ x 36″ Cultilene Rockwool X-Fibre Slabs are popular and useful for its firmness. It is intended for you to use this medium for years to come. It comes with enough firmness to ensure you that the structure will remain the same during its entire life offering you maximum control.
Large water buffer: Cultilene 6″ x 36″ X-Fibre Slabs can provide a large water buffer. Its outstanding ability is that it easily releases the water back to the plant. It effortlessly retains the water and constantly makes it available to your plants. During production also the water to air ratio is carefully sustained and constantly supervised for better plants.

Complete control: This X-Fibre Slabs offers complete control-ability to you for all processes. It quickly and easily reacts and adjusts to your actions.

The 6″ x 36″ Cultilene Rockwool X-Fibre Slabs create a perfect root environment with outstanding control, far better root growth and its distribution. Its unique ability includes optimum water distribution and excellent EC-control, not only within one slab but also between slabs. It’s one Slab is 36 inch long and 6 inch in width to accommodate deep plant root to stand tight. It is sold in a pack that includes quantity of 8 pieces.

6″ x 36″ Cultilene Rockwool X-Fibre Slabs are very firm, consistent and gives a tight structure for optimum root development that ultimately leads to increased yield. This pathogen-free, high water-holding-capacity and high porosity featuring growing medium allows easy root penetration, excellent water movement and drainage. Buy now and experience healthy plants that will stand straight till its entire life.

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6″ x 36″ Cultilene Rockwool X-Fibre Slabs
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