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600W Super Cool Grow Light & Ballast Combo

iPower 600-Watt Light Digital Dimmable System w/ Air Cooled Hood Set

600W Super Cool Grow Light & Ballast Combo is an economical package for the growers to have the grow bulb and the controlling ballast. It saves much time in searching for the right and compatible bulb or ballast for each other. Choosing the right grow light makes a huge difference in the growth rate and the final yield quantity. Since the indoor plants completely rely on the grow lights for their needs it has to be a powerful one like the HPS bulb. The 600W is good enough for a small space. The Supercool tube keeps the heat away and keeps the grow area cool and comfortable. The ballast system is also a necessary component to protect and control the grow lights, which should be consuming less and producing more.

The components in the 600W super cool grow light & ballast combo

  • 600 watt bulb of the 600W super cool grow light & ballast combo is enough to create 92,000 lumens that ensure the plants will get the right amount of light intensity and penetration through the plants. All the plant parts get equal amount of light because of the high penetration ability of the light from this 600W HPS light bulb. This bulb is effectively controlled by the dimmable digital ballast that comes with the 600W super cool grow light & ballast combo.
  • Super cool tube is 25” long and 6” diameter. This is ideal for a compact grow area of about 4 x 4 ft. the Supercool tube of the 600W super cool grow light & ballast combo has tempered glass covering. It also has an in-built reflector. The light from the bulb is effectively reflected downwards without much wastage. Since it suits small grow area it will not be placed higher and the light supplied for the plants will be ample enough for faster growth. The air inside the Super Cool tube is cooled all the time and saves the plants from any heat coming from the light source.
  • 600 watt dimmable digital ballast: The Lumatek digital ballast can work smoothly and help raise the light lumens by 20% that results in faster growth and larger yield. The dimmable switch can increase or decrease the brightness of the bulb regardless of its type. This multi wattage ballast can also accommodate a metal halide bulb apart from the provided HPS bulb. It works silent and the power will be cut off when there is a short circuit. There is also an internal resin coating that protects the components there. It can also work on generators. This ballast makes the 600W Super Cool Grow Light & Ballast Combo a favorite among the growers.
  • An axial fan is also installed that can supply 138 CPM that keeps the air cool.
  • Thermoflo ducting of 84 inches long and 6 inches diameter is provided with the 600W super cool grow light & ballast combo. It is useful to bring in the cool air and takes away the warm air from the Super cool light tube. The Thermoflo ducting has double sealed core to prevent any ruptures and the industrial grade core made of woven fiberglass keeps the noise under control. It is able to withstand high humidity or over heat without failure.
  • Dual yo-yo system helps adjust the height of the light system. It is screwed on to the ceiling and the light system is hung on it. The reflectors or the lighting system is attached to the yo-yo by a nylon string. The height may be adjusted to bring it down or take it up when needed. The height may be adjusted for 3-4 feet. This makes sure that the plants need not stretch to reach the light for the perfect intensity reception.

High wattage HPS grow lights are the most efficient grow lights but they do emit more heat and also need high protection of an efficient ballast system. The 600W super cool grow light & ballast combo offers the same and saves the grower from having to worry about the right bulb and its compatible ballast system. When there is a combo pack that can bring out the best from its each component, there is almost nothing much to ask for. The plants will get the light, right intensity because of the reflectors and the dimmable digital ballast helps adjust the brightness according to the growth stage of the plants. The yo-yo system adjusts the height of the light system to keep it always at a reasonable distance for maximum output.

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