75 Gal. Black Xreservoir

75 Gal. Black XReservoir

Reservoir is a useful hydroponic supplier that stores and provides nutrient solution to the plants. Hydroponics system is a soil less plant cultivation technique. The needed nutrients and minerals for plant growth are supplied through water. The growing medium is also used to offer base to plants as a substitute of soil, but this does not contain any nutrients for plant growth.

The necessary nutrients and fertilizers are dissolved in water using a reservoir. The reservoir is both useful and helpful hydroponic supplies. It effectively stores and supplies nutrient rich water solution for plant growth. You will notice that there are several different types of reservoirs available in the market so consider some tips before you own one.

  • Easy fit – Select the reservoir that can easily be placed into your grow system. The plant holding capacity and space of your hydroponic grow system should be considered.
  • Type of Plant – Consider the type of plant you wish to grow. Today the plants are small but tomorrow it will grow large, hence more nutrient solution needs to be provided. So, select the size of the reservoir keeping in mind the future plant growth.
  • Material – Buy the reservoir that is tough, strong and can bear extreme heat or cold temperatures. The flimsy one could crack or break causing harm to your system and plants.
  • Cost-effective – The durable and long lasting reservoir will save your money. No needless cost of replacing them.
  • Maintenance – It is very important to keep the grow environment clean and neat at all times.

So, select the reservoir that offers easy cleaning and low maintenance.


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After observing the above mentioned tips, it is suggested for you to buy a 75 Gal. Black Xreservoir for the special features that it contains:

  • Color – The Xreservoir is provided in either 75 Gal. Black Xreservoir or 75 Gal. white Xreservoir.
  • Size – Xreservoir is available in 5 different sizes, 25 gallons, 50 gallons, 75 gallons, 100 gallons and 125 gallons. Select the most appropriate one for your hydroponic grow system.
  • Sturdy – Strong and superior quality material is used in designing 75 Gal. Black Xreservoir.
  • Rigid – The superior quality material included into the 75 Gal. Black Xreservoir offers a rigid and firm structure.
  • Durable – The heavy duty 75 Gal. Black Xreservoir can be maintained for a prolonged time period.
  • Toughened – The 75 Gal. Black Xreservoir is able to withstand every type of extreme temperatures and also natural forces.
  • Level Marking – The easy to view level marking on both outer and inner surface of 75 Gal. Black Xreservoir assists you to maintain and measure nutrient levels regularly.
  • Lid – The 75 Gal. Black Xreservoir does not come with a lid. It is recommended to buy a lid separately that perfectly fits this Xreservoir and maintain a clean water solution.
  • Outside Dimensions – The outside dimension of 75 Gal. Black Xreservoir is 34″ x 52″ x 14″.
  • Weight – The weight of 75 Gal. Black Xreservoir is 15 pounds.

To place your order just click on the link http://www.dealzer.com/75-gal-black-xreservoir.html

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75 Gal Black Reservoir
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