75 Gal. White Xreservoir

75 Gal. White Xreservoir

Reservoir plays an important role in hydroponic system. Hydroponics utilizes nutrient rich water solution to supply essential nutrients for plant growth. The reservoir holds this water solution and supplies to your plants at regular interval. The various hydroponics systems uses reservoir to store and supply nutrient rich water. This hydroponic system includes Aeroponic System, Drip System, Ebb and Flow System, Nutrient Film Technique (N.F.T), Water Culture System and Wick System.

Today, you will find different sized, shaped and color reservoirs in the market. It would be difficult to select one for you, so introducing 75 Gal. White Xreservoir that would minimize your confusion with its various features.

75 Gal. White Xreservoir includes a rigid build in feature that offers a strong structure. It is made using a superior quality material to offer resistance against extreme cold or heat environment. Moreover, it can withstand the severe natural forces as well. The strong structure feature makes 75 Gal. White Xreservoir durable to provide long lasting life. The 75 Gal. White Xreservoir contains level marking on the outside and inside of the Xreservoir. This easy to view indicator supports you in maintaining water solution levels intact. The 75 Gal. White Xreservoir does not come with a lid. However, it is suggested to buy one separately so that your reservoir water remains safe and clean. The outside dimension of 75 Gal. White Xreservoir is 34″ x 52″ x 14″ and it is weighted about 15 pounds.

Now, let me brief you on the benefits of Xreservoir. The Xreservoir comes in 5 different sizes, such as 25 gallons, 50 gallons, 75 gallons, 100 gallons and 125 gallons. You can choose the best fit for your hydroponic system. Always ensure you buy the reservoir considering your future use. This means, today you may require small reservoir with less capacity because your plants are young but tomorrow, they will not remain the same. The 75 Gal. White Xreservoir effectively holds water and sustains it in severe temperatures. Its strong structure will not break or crack likes other cheap reservoirs, causing damage to your system and plants. Also, the 75 Gal. White Xreservoir is not very heavy so you can easily clean the reservoir thoroughly at regular intervals. The 75 Gal. White Xreservoir will help you to measure and adjust consistent pH for utmost nutrient absorption.


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Some guidelines on maintaining your 75 Gal. White Xreservoir. It is recommended to regularly drain and clean your reservoir. This will keep the grow environment clean and green. Also, you should change the nutrient solution lying in the reservoir every two to three weeks. This will ensure healthy and faster plant growth. It is important to maintain the water temperature of your reservoir. The ideal levels should be between 65 -75 degrees Fahrenheit. Regularly monitor and maintain it by installing either a water heater or a water chiller. The monitoring and adjusting the pH levels for healthy plant growth is also very important.

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75 Gal. White Reservoir
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