8″ x 36″ Cultilene Rockwool X-Fibre Slabs

Cultilene rockwool X-fiber slabs are excellent substrates or medium for the plants. The fiber make ensures there is enough space for the roots to go through. The spacious air pockets between the fiber allows better root distribution. The X fiber rockwool slabs have excellent water retaining capacity. They can retain enough water to have a moist environment around the roots and do not dry easily. They are made with natural fiber woven from the volcanic rocks.

Making of the 8” x 36” Cultilene Rockwool X- fiber slabs

The basalt or the volcanic rock is taken and heated with latest technologies and spun into fiber form. These fibers run in all directions making a perfectly woven slab that will have enough air pockets in them and at the same time possess strength and can provide firm support to the growing plants. The woven fiber is made into 3 inches thick slabs that run 8” wide and 36” long. 8” wide slabs are most accepted even though there are 6, 10 and 12 inch wide slabs are available.

Advantages of 8” x 36” Cultilene Rockwool X- fiber slabs

  • The main advantage of Cultilene rockwool slab is its firmness and the ability to allow better rooting. It also allows more hair roots at the top portion which is much advantageous for the plants to absorb more amounts of nutrients.
  • The rockwool slab has got easy water saturation rate as well as re-saturation ability. It means that they get soaked and do not lose the water that easily. Once the retained water is all gone it can easily regain the water and has more reusing capability than using coconut husk or coir. It does not get dried fast and can have enough water retained for the plants.
  • The firm 8” x 36” Cultilene Rockwool X- fiber slabs will make sure that the plant is held tight and stays the same for its entire lifecycle period.


Using the 8” x 36” Cultilene Rockwool X- fiber slabs

  • The 8” x 36” Cultilene rockwool X-fiber slabs are large enough to grow anything on them. These slabs are used mostly during transplanting or younger stages.
  • Pre soak the Cultilene rockwool slabs in water that has a pH not lower than 5.5. For seedlings the rockwool slabs should be pre-soaked in a nutrient solution water to have the nutrients attached to it so that the young plants have access to them right away. Alternatively flush the pre-soaked rockwool slabs using nutrient water.
  • People usually makes an X shaped cut on the rockwool X fiber slab at many places and take the cutting growing on rockwool cubes that has root developed, and insert these cubes on the cuts made. Always remember not to squeeze the rockwool slabs, as doing so the air-water ratio of the medium may be altered. To retain the perfect structure of the 8” x 36” Cultilene Rockwool X- fiber slabs , soak them and use as it is.
  • Cover your mouth and nose properly before handling the rockwool slabs. The fiber particles are not good for the lungs can cause health hazards.