Hydroponic Reflector

8″ Basic Air Cooled Reflector

8″ Basic Air Cooled Reflector

The primary use of this 8″ Basic Air Cooled Reflector is light reflection so that there is enough light for all plants and every nook and corner of the grow box or cabinet. The need for the grow light is to provide a complete imitation of the natural sunlight so that the plants will get all the necessary spectrum of light for them to grow in a hydroponic system like the Grandma’s Secret Garden or any other Superponic system like the Superponics 8. But the light from the source may go in all directions and plants may not get the complete benefit of it. With the help of a reflector, the light that goes upwards and in upper direction is re-directed towards the plants.

  • The 8″ basic air cooled reflector comes with an in built cooling system so that the heat from the grow light does not harm the plants.
  • The design is like an inverted tent with the duct openings at the sides and the light inserting socket is built in and is located at one side.
  • The socket of 8″ basic air cooled reflector can fit all wattage bulbs of MH and HPS lights. The light bulb is not included.
  • The entire interior has reflective surface so that any light that falls on any side inside will be reflected and the plants get fuller advantage of it. The reflective interior of 8″ basic air cooled reflector can reflect ultra high intense light and is made of durable material.
  • 8″ basic air cooled reflector is made with powder coated aluminum.
  • The bottom part is covered with hinged glass which can be opened for cleaning.
  • Once the hinged glass is closed and the duct tubes are securely sealed the whole system is air tight and do not let the light or air to pass through it.
  • The cooling air passed through the duct opening from one side and takes the warm air and exits through the other end of the duct opening.
  • 8″ basic air cooled reflector is hung with the help of hanging clips, which is provided and the 15’ cord allows adjusting the height of the light. The cord also allows it to bring it down for maintenance when needed.
  • The dimension of the 8″ basic air cooled reflector is 19” long, 22” wide, and 7.5” tall. The 8” is applicable for the duct opening.

Benefits of air cooled reflector

The air cooled reflector has double benefit of having a reflector and at the same time the heat from the grow light is dissipated by the ever running cool air. The cool air passes for as long as the light is on and takes away the warm or hot air. The cooling of the light keeps the heat from passing on to the growing plants. The 8″ basic air cooled reflector allows the light be positioned as near to the plants as needed and they will not be harmed by the heat from the light. Choosing the 8″ basic air cooled reflector will be one of the greatest gift you can give to your plants which will supply the needed light and is also soft on them.

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8" Basic Air Cooled Reflector
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