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8” Cool Tube Reflector with Wings

8″ Cool Tube Reflector w/ Wings

Growers often find difficulty in dealing with the heat produced by the grow lights. Almost all types of grow lights do emit a fair amount of heat energy that is not good for the plants. Grow lights are used for superponic systems like the Northern Lights Grow box so the heat produced by it falls directly on the plants. In that case the grow light will not be helping them grow but can be the death of them. 8” cool tube reflector with wings do a dual role of reflecting better intensity light and cools the heat down. It is compatible with both MH and high pressure sodium lights.

The circular tube is made of toughened glass and is connected directly to the duct tube ports. The tube is wide enough to fit a 1000 W bulb. The bulb socket is attached at one end of the tube. The cool air passes from one end through the tube and gets out of the other end. The warm air is taken out by the duct tubes. This cooling facility enables to have the grow light much closer to the plants and have better light supply. The compact make of the 8” cool tube reflector with wings makes it a better choice for smaller grow areas.

The wings are the most attractive part of the 8” cool tube reflector. The wings are attached at the external part of the cool tube. The wings are lined with reflective coating and can be adjusted for its direction. The reflective wings make the light rays to redirect towards the growing plants than to any other way. Sometimes the light rays may travel in the upward direction and these are redirected in the way it is needed. The reflector wings also focus the light on to plants at a better intensity. The cool tube allows its closer proximity so that the wings make the light much focused and can cover the entire plant canopy easily. The reflector in the 8” cool tube reflector with wings is by aluminum. Neither the cool tube nor the reflector gets heated up and stays cool all the time for the comfort of plants.
8” cool tube reflector with wings can be mounted in any way, either horizontally or vertically. Either way, the light will be focused on to the plants with the help of the reflector wings. The dual functional 8” cool tube reflector with wings saves energy by eliminating the added usage of a cooler. It is the best option to save some money as well. Usually the grower may have to pay for a cool tube and a reflector separately, but the advanced technology has combined these two essential factors into a single unit named cool tube reflector with wings. The 8” tube allows access to even bigger sized grow light bulbs. The 8” cool tube reflector with wings is compact, light weight and easy to handle. It fits well with all ballasts and comes fully assembled. Simply hang it with the cord provided and insert the desired bulb. Tightly connect the duct tubes and the game is on.

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8" Cool Tube Reflector w/ Wings
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