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8” Hinged Air Cooled Reflector

8” Hinged Air Cooled Reflector

Air cooled reflector makes the indoor gardening easier. The 8” Hinged Air Cooled Reflector is a closed system with ports for the 8” duct tubes at each end and glass covering at the bottom. The glass covering has hinges so that it can be pulled open for cleaning and other purposes and thus the name, hinged air cooled reflector. The air cooled reflector works by continuous passage of cooled air through the reflector to remove the heat energy produced by the grow light used. This air cooled reflector mostly run with the HID grow lights that are well known for its heat emitting capability.

Advantages of 8” Hinged Air Cooled Reflector

  • Heat reduction: The chief function of the 8” hinged air cooled reflector is the heat reduction, keeping the surroundings relatively cooler and saving the growing plants from the excess heat emitted by the grow lights. As higher wattage light is needed to have more light intensity, they produce higher amount of heat as well. In order to cool the temperature, systems like the 8” hinged air cooled reflector is needed.
  • Maintain optimal distance: With the help of 8” hinged air cooled reflector the lighting system is always kept at the optimal distance of 1-3 feet away from the plants.
  • The 8” hinged air cooled reflector can also control the relative humidity of the air inside.
  • The humidity is controlled at all times and this helps prevent over transpiration or mold formation.
  • The 8” hinged air cooled reflector helps keep the lighting system closer to the plants any time. The plants will not get burnt or cause any localized higher humidity due to higher temperature.
  • The grow lights are fixed on to the pre-installed sockets inside the air cooled reflectors.
  • The reflector interiors redirect all the light rays that falls on it and also aid in focusing the light energy on to the plants. It also improves the quality of the light and makes an increase in the photosynthetic rate. More photosynthesis is the key to better plant growth and this feat is achieved with the help of the efficient 8” hinged air cooled reflector.
  • This 8” hinged air cooled reflector is a perfect component suited for small grow tents and other artificial indoor gardening set ups.
  • Another surprising advantage of the 8” hinged air cooled reflector is that by redirecting the 8” duct tube to the interiors of the home, instead of to the outdoors, it serves as an economical room heater during winter and helps you save a few bucks.

Things to remember

Keep the inlet for air cooled reflector separate from the ventilation system of the grow set up. This helps to use all the available carbon dioxide by the plants. The air input for the air cooled reflector should be directly from the outside environment of the set up and not from the internal carbon filter. The 8” hinged air cooled reflector can provide for better end result by not compromising on the available CO2 or the intensity of the light.

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