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8 Hydroponic Gardening Apps For Smartphones – Gardening With Gadgets

Everyone is addicted to smartphone these days. With the rising technology everyone wants immediate answers and what better works than an android applications that offer instant guidance and tips for those looking for prompt information.

While there are hundreds of applications for tracking weight loss to daily planner to online music, why to leave gardening behind? There are of course many general gardening apps but hydroponics are a rare see. However, we have narrowed down the best for you. Here we are presenting top eight apps for your smartphone that will give you good insights about hydroponic gardening.

  • Pocket garden: is a research tool that will help you choose the best plants for your indoor or outdoorsy hydroponic garden. It also includes excellent tips on how to germinate seeds and harvest crops.
  • When to plant: is a mucho grando database that offers you thousands of plant types with respective information on how and when to plant apart from certain requirements that need to be met while growing them.
  • MQ Green Thumb: gardening consultant for your project who assists you right from the start to the finish. With this app as a guide you can choose the best location for your plants based on sunlight. You can also save these info to the clipboard.
  • Pefect Hydroponics: record the progress of your garden and use these notes in future for the next cycle of herbage that you will be growing. This is basically a documentation tool for tracking purposes.
  • GroLog by Grodan: another tracking app that will aid in keeping track of plant growth. It also helps you to choose what kind of data you would like to track for instance, nutrients or lighting or environmental conditions etc.). The scheduling and reminder options will alert you based on the garden’s needs.
  • HID gardener: hydroponic app that will help you to note the growth cycles of your garden’s productivity.
  • Plant doctor: this app will help you to track any stress that your plant is dealing with or any symptom and will show how to treat them accordingly. For instance, the watering, nutrient levels, lighting etc. play a crucial role in hydroponic gardening and certain changes can impact the coloring, growth of plants, germination etc.
  • Garden compass: I love this app. You can simply upload your plant photos and a panel of advisors will identify the pest or disease type that the plant is suffering from. They will also provide you with good treatment options that will work efficiently for deriving best yields.

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