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Advanced LED Diamond Series

Advanced LED Diamond Series Grow Lights

The advanced LED diamond series is the latest trend in the grow lights. It focuses more on lesser heat, more luminance, and less power consumption. To top all these features, there is the diamond cut lens on each LED diode for higher output for the plants benefit. The advanced LED diamond series is not only superior and better than the high performance HID lights but also comes past the other LED plant lights. The advanced LED diamond series offers many models that ranges from 100, 200, 300, 400, 600, and 800 watt grow lights. The advanced technology has made the diamond series, the ‘coolest’ grow light.

Features of Advanced LED Diamond Series

  • Diamond series lens: The diamond cut lens makes the light more focused. There is less distracted light and the light will be more focused on to the plants. The diamond cut optical lens also helps reduce the light glare and improves the intensity.
  • 3w chips are the best diodes for providing better intense light with less heat production. The 3w diodes are added in numbers ranging from 50 to 400 in number to make 100w to 800w grow lights. These 3W chips consume less power to supply maximum output.
  • Low heat sinks: The advanced light sink is heat dissipating and the diodes are attached so that there is less power consumption to glow the lights. The less heat production is an advantage as the lights may be placed closer to the plants, especially for the younger seedlings, without worrying about damage. The low heat production helps avoid the use of A/c or other cooling systems and saves electricity and cost of them.
  • Quieter operation: The advanced LED diamond series grow lights work quieter. The heat production is reduced so there is less need for more fans and the existing ones work silently, making the Diamond series much more preferable to the louder lights.
  • Wide coverage: The advanced LED diamond series provides the larger core light coverage that is almost as wide as the grow unit.
  • Grow cycle switch in the advanced LED diamond series is unique and makes it even more attractive as grow lights. The grow light switch selects the growth stage and the lighting facilities changes accordingly. It makes it possible to provide the apt light according to the need of the growth stages.
  • Daisy chain facility allows to run multiple lights with the available single power cord.
  • 11 band spectrum: The Advanced LED diamond series offers a 11 band width spectrum. The photosynthetically active radiation of light is in the wavelengths of 380nm, 415nm, 440nm, 460nm, 480-615nm, 630nm, 660nm, 720nm, 740nm and 760nm. Each wavelength of light is useful at different grow stages and their ready presence helps the plants grow faster.
  • The Advanced LED diamond series is low in maintenance and environment friendly because there is no bulb replacement or use of mercury.
  • Single Advanced LED Diamond series grow lights are suitable from cloning to the flowering and fruiting stages.

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