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Advantages & Disadvantages of Elevated Gardens

Advantages & Disadvantages of Elevated Gardens

Elevated gardens are those gardens that are made on any raised surfaces like table, hanging, tables with casters, or anything like that. They may be self watering and non-self watering. They can be rolling and non-rolling. But most of the elevated garden beds are portable and can be shifted from one place to another. They are easier when moving in and out of houses. These elevated gardens have its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Soil: The soil used is always superior to that used in ground gardening. The soil can be selected according to the fertility or the fertility can be altered according to the requirement. These additions are not wasted since the elevated gardens will have a fencing wall and it is not contaminated. Anything in the garden bed goes into the plants growing in it. The soil is not compacted since it is not waked on or there is no threat of using any machinery on it.
  • Drainage: The elevated garden soil has got better drainage than the native soil. The soil can be mixed for better drainage with one that retains more water and the one that loses water too easily. This combination ensures that enough water is retained inside and any excess is drained out.
  • Yield: The elevated garden bed gets warmed up easily during the spring and thus making it suitable for planting. The light soil enables easier root spreading and penetration and the nutrients are easily absorbed. It also helps grow plants in dense capacity without worrying about the crowding effect. More elevated gardens in number can lead to better and higher yield. A small area can give more yields. Any space inside the bed is solely used for growing plants.
  • Location: It is easier to grow garden in any location preferred irrespective of the soil condition below. The location can be chosen for aesthetic look.
  • Weed & Pest Control: There are lesser chances of weeds and pest attacks. In case of weeding it is easier o pluck them out than from the ground garden. It is easier for people with back troubles and elderly. The dense packing of plants gives less space for the weeds to grow. Sometimes the raised walls of the beds act as barriers to the weed seeds. Birds can be blocked by using a net and other pests are rid off with metal screens. Slugs and snails cannot get inside and are easily spotted to be removed.
  • Accessibility: This is easier for old aged people and the ones having back or knee troubles. Customized elevated garden can be designed for wheel chair users. The adjustable height can be made according to the gardeners physical abilities. It is easier to water without having to bend too much.

Possible Disadvantages

Ploughing or shoveling the soil inside the elevated garden can be a bit difficult especially when there is need to add any fertilizer.

The elevated beds might need more water than the ground level bed. Since it supports more plants per square area and all the plants together absorb more water. Sometimes due to more evaporation the soil in the elevated beds tends to dry easily. The increased evaporation is due to the fact that this soil is easily warmed up.

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