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Aeroponic Vertical Gardening – The Future Of Urban Gardening

What if I tell you that you can grow your own food within half the time as conventional gardening, with 90% less water and in 90% less space? Would you believe me? God !!! that’s unbelievable, but the people behind the aeroponic vertical gardening states that you can produce fresh local food in half the time as conventional growing with no dirt, no mess, no weed and no kneel. Experts say that this aeroponic vertical gardening is going to be the future of urban gardening.

Each day you open your newspaper, you come across at least one news wherein a particular food company is banned or that their food products are banned by the government, be it fruits or veggies. Today, you find it difficult to get fresh vegetables and fruits from the market as they are loaded with chemicals and pesticides. The only solution left to get fresh and healthy veggies is to grow them on your own. Is it possible for people living in apartments to do such things? – Obvious question, but yes, they can. Even though its not that easy to grow your own food, the new devices that are available for aeroponic vertical gardening can get more hands in the urban gardening (soil-less growing medium) and put more local produce on your dining table.

Actually I didn’t had any idea of what this aeroponic vertical gardening is unless I came to know about TowerGarden – vertical gardening powered by aeroponics. Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ is a state-of-the-art aeroponic vertical gardening system. Tower Gardens was developed by Tim Blank, who is a leading horticulture and aeroponics expert. Today, Tower Gardens stand as the dubbed name for aeroponic vertical gardening. The best part is you can install tower garden at your rooftops, patio, balconies, terraces – just any sunny spot outdoors. The people behind the Tower Gardens claim that you can grow almost any vegetables, herb, flower or fruits in less time, space and water than soil gardening. Recent studies have also shown that Tower Garden generates up to 30% more yields compared to traditional soil gardening during the same time period. NASA Research suggests aeroponic gardening takes about half the time of traditional soil gardening.

Aeroponic vertical gardening technology is the perfect solution for urban farmers/ gardeners as it uses 90% less land and 90% less water. This technology also allows the grower to control all aspects of food production, most importantly the quality and safety of the water. Best of all, Tower Gardens eliminates the use of any harmful pesticides and herbicides.

Benefits of aeroponic vertical gardening system

  • Its healthier – With aeroponic vertical grow system, you can eat more fruits and vegetables grown at your back yard or terrace. You can grow almost anything you like, from tomatoes to basils, peppers to herbs. This also encourages your child to get engaged in gardening.
  • Its easier – when it comes to installation, aeroponic vertical grow system is easy to setup and install. As there is no soil, no weeds and no ground pests to worry about, you can have a relaxed and successful growing experience.
  • Its smarter – Because of its vertical design and unique aeroponic technology, Tower Garden uses less than 10% of the land and water than traditional soil-based gardening.

Vertical aeroponic grow system – a simple guide

For those who are concerned with the set up of vertical aeroponic grow system, its as simple as it is coz they come with everything you need to start growing. This includes a seed starter kit and a specially formulated plant food.

It roughly takes about 20-25 minutes to assemble the system if you follow the instructions included with the product.

You can start seedlings using the seed kit provided with the kit. When they are ready (1-3 weeks later), you can shift them into your Tower Garden.

Once your seedlings are in Tower Garden, they will be nourished with the Tower Garden Mineral Blend nutrient solution to grow.

The unique aeroponic grow system and Tower Garden nutrient mix will help your veggies and fruits grow on a regular basis. You just have to cut the produce off when it is ready.

When it comes to producing fresh vegetables and fruits, herbs or plants on your backyard, you need a perfect solution, a professional set up that can actually help you make the best out of it. Here, I am not a marketer to promote Tower Gardens. But their innovated design has helped many urban growers to grow food on their own. And of all the recent projects being launched in urban farming, I feel this is one of the easiest one.

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