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Aerovox 1000W Capacitor

AEROVOX USA MADE 1000W HPS/MH 26UF/525V Capacitor

The Aerovox 1000W capacitor is compatible for HPS and MH ballasts which are usually used in all types of hydroponics systems grow boxes or grow cabinets. Proper working of ballasts is essential for providing high intensity light for the growing plants. In case of dim light or other problems with the light quality even after replacing the grow bulb, 90% of the cause will be due to complaint in the capacitors. The capacitor is a controlling unit, small in size that regulates the current passing to the bulb from the source. Any fluctuation in the incoming current will be corrected by the capacitor before it passes to the bulb socket. For a smooth functioning of the grow bulb and its life, a capacitor plays a major part.

Features of Aerovox 1000W capacitor

  • The Aerovox 1000W capacitor works well for 1000W ballast compatible for any kind of grow bulbs like HPS or metal halide.
  • The maximum voltage the 1000W capacitor Aerovox can afford is 525V and the capacitance is 26 µF.
  • Aerovox 1000W capacitor is an oil filled capacitor. The oil used is usually soybean oil or polyisobutylene oil. The use of oil is to avoid corrosion and helps in heat transfer. During manufacturing, Aerovox capacitors are vacuumed to remove any moisture inside the oil cases and ensure longevity of the capacitors.
  • Aerovox 1000W capacitor is designed for long hours of working. The life period of these capacitors is 60,000 hrs.
  • It has two terminals that are quarter of an inch wide and 1/32 inches thick.
  • These standard oil filled Aerovox 1000W capacitors can perform well even at a temperature of 100˚C.
  • The Aerovox 1000W capacitors are dual sectioned with the capacitor is protected inside two metal sections.
  • These capacitors have in built resistors for extra safety. Without the resistors, the capacitors will store more voltage that can damage even the ballast. This is most important when using a metal halide grow bulb.

A capacitor is a separate component so needs individual installation during the repair or maintenance. The electrical connection is important for the safety of the unit. A wrong connection will cause damage. So make a note of the wires and where they are connected before disassembling them for replacing the capacitors. The CAP and lamp wirings should be separate and not intermingled.

After installation, double check the connections before tightening the screws and switch on the power to see if the problem is rectified. Choose the right capacitor for the ballast. A mismatched capacitor can affect the current circuit. A shorted or high resistance capacitor needs an immediate replacement. To check if it is time for the replacement, use an ohmmeter. Checking the capacitor is important as there might be other problems that are causing the lighting issues and an ohmmeter will make sure whether or not the capacitor being the culprit.

A capacitor has the dual function to protect the ballast and the grow bulb so proper working of it can make a huge difference in savings. So choose right and Aerovox 1000W capacitor is a very good option for the 1000w ballasts.

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