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Aquamist Growing System

Hydroponics is a new trend in the gardening industry. The hydroponics system is a system where the plants are made to grow in water instead of soil. That is, the plants are grown either in water or sand or gravel or similar media. There are different techniques in which the hydroponic system works. The different types of hydroponics systems are the Wick System, the Water Culture System, the Ebb and Flow System (or the Flood and Drain System), the Drip System, the N.F.T system (that is, the Nutrient Film Technique system) and the Aeroponics System.

Aeroponics is the most complex system of the hydroponics gardening. The growing medium primarily used here is air. That is the roots of the plants are not dipped in water or the nutrient solution like the other hydroponic systems. Instead it is made to hang in the air. The nutrient solution or water is then sprayed for the roots of the plants to absorb. The biggest advantage of this system is that the roots will get ample supply of oxygen. The aeroponics system requires only a shorter time cycle when compared to the other hydroponic systems. The Aquamist Growing System is an Aeroponics System.

Features of DIY Aquamist Growing System

1. Reservoir – The reservoir of the diy aquamist system is large enough to house gallons of water. If you are building your grow system yourself then you can chose to order the reservoir with a good capacity. The reservoirs are custom made and the reservoir of Aquamist IV has the capacity to hold up to 10 gallon of water.

2. Types – The Aquamist systems are available in different versions. There are 2 x 2 systems and 4 x 2 systems. There is Aquamist 1, Aquamist 2, Aquamist 3 and the latest Aquamist 4. The 4 x 2 systems are called Aquamist IV. Depending on the version you use, you get net pots to hold the plants in.

3. Rockwool Cubes – Rockwool cubes are a type of growing medium that has been widely used for hydroponics plant growing. These growing medium has holes in them and it is available in different sizes too. The holes are used to hold the water and air within. They have a high pH level of around 8. The Aquamist Growing System using 2’ inches Rockwool cubes.

4. Sprinkler Heads – The Sprinkler heads are used to sprinkle the water onto the plants. The holes in these sprinkler heads provides for thick droplets of water. The sprinkler is also covered by a mesh screen that allow for the breakup of the water droplets.

5. Capacity – The different versions of the Aquamist Growing System has different capacities. It is suitable for 8 sites and 16 sites.

6. PVC Stand – There is also a PVC Stand that is provided in Aquamist Growing System package. This PVC stand enables the plants to grow to its maximum height. It also helps in keeping the res off the ground and there is also a well inside the res to house in the pump.

7. Pump – The pumps are used for the transportation of water and air. There are timers installed to control and maintain the flow of the pumps. The Aquamist Growing System has a drive pump capacity of 250 GPH.

8. Simple Design – The Aquamist Growing System is simple in design and easy to use. It is constructed beautifully with a strong pump, a sprinkle, a res and so on. The pump is also connected to the side drain pipe that helps in easy disposal without taking off the top. It is a Aeroponics system where the roots are hung in the air and not dripped in water or the nutrient solution.

9. Suitability – The Aquamist Growing System are suitable for both small gardens and larger gardens. It has diverse benefits and capacities. But it is widely used for smaller gardens.

10. Yields – Using the Aquamist Growing System helps you to get higher yields. The combination of the equipments and other items in them increases your yearly produce to a great extent.

11. Maintenance Free – The Aquamist Growing System requires no or very little maintenance. The nutrients are added into the water which then forms the nutrient solution. In most of the systems, this nutrient solution should be changed once in a while but this is not the case with the Aquamist Growing System. In this system the nutrient solution has to be changed only during the different stages that are either the vegetation or flowering stage.

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