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At Last, The Secret To Germinate Vegetable Seeds Without Soil Using Hydroponics For Better Yield Is Revealed

Being a botany study I had never practiced this technique of using hydroponics for growing indoor plants, thanks to Dr. W. F. Gericke (the founder of hydroponics) for his greatest contribution.

Early I used to practice the normal soil seed germination method. But the result was the poor growth of vegetables giving low yield. One day a thought came in my mind of doing something new. My mind was diverting in different directions like “why the same situation is persisting”. Now its time to brush up all what we have learned. Then I started browsing and exploring the ideas on germination without soil. I found out hydroponics does not require any seasons to sprout. The technique is handy and can be done anywhere. This is a subdivision of hydro-culture. I got the best outcome from the normal ones and recommend you to switch to the same practice. Once you achieve the initial step all you have to do is to place it on any growing medium. The vegetables grown through this method are more healthier. There will be no weeds, soil borne pests or any kinds of bacteria. We can use hydroponics indoors and grow nutrient veggies all year round.

Here are few steps to this technique

I am giving the steps for germination of tomato seeds. You can use other vegetable seeds according to your needs.

  • Selection of a seed: Here temperature serves as an important factor in seed germination. You have to keep a check in providing sufficient heat to the seeds. Otherwise the seeds wont germinate.
  • Usage of wet towel: The next step is to moisten the seeds. Mostly paper towels works the best for this purpose because we should be able to monitor the seeds.
  • Fold up the cloth: This is the best way to fold the cloth into a pocket size. So we can view the seeds from inside itself without opening the pocket. This method also maximizes the time.
  • Insertion of the seed pack: Insert this seed pocket into a plastic bag. In-order to safeguard the moisture.
  • Labeling: This is an important part of this process. Do labeling with the exact type of plant. Since here I have taken the example of tomato seeds. I will not just label it as tomato. I will also add other features like its type (whether hybrid), its taste etc.
  • Heat: Keep this pocket where there is some sunlight. Direct sunlight may harm the seeds. Many times the seed may die. Temperature should be static (not too hot or cold). You can wrap them in the towel and place them in the sunlight. This method will prevent the seeds from all kinds of fire hazards.
  • Monitor regularly: You should place this bag somewhere in a good place. Try to take the seeds out immediately after they sprout or they may die off.
  • Plant in the medium you’d like: As these seeds are babies they will adapt to any medium you plant.
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