Grow System

Grow Systems for Indoor Plants

Today, growing indoor plants is getting popular as people like to watch green growing in their homes. Previously, indoor plants were grown using the traditional method i.e. soil. Nowadays everyone is moving towards hydroponics systems for indoor plants growth. This is because hydroponics grow system allows plants to grow faster and larger than using soil. […]

Grow Light Panel

Cree XML2 Panel

Cree utilizes all innovative materials and basically the silicon carbide (SiC) that provides high-efficiency performance for numerous semiconductor applications. Using SiC as a platform material for over 20 years, Cree is constantly developing an array of new technologies that by far surpasses the traditional ones. Cree is leading the LED lighting revolution as it is […]

Hypotek Digital Ballasts

Dimmable Digital 250 Watt Ballasts

250W HPS MH Digital Electronic Dimmable Ballast Grow Light Select Quantity1 23Bulk Order Discount Buy NowCheck Price The Dimmable Digital ballasts for lighting systems are used increasingly. The growers have known the advantages of using them and further advancements will continue to increase its benefits. These Dimmable Digital electronic ballasts are made available in various […]

Grow Light Panel

Diamond Series LED Panels

Diamond Series LED Grow Lights Select Quantity1 23Bulk Order Discount Buy NowCheck Price The Diamond Series LED Panels is the biggest advancement in LED grow light technology. LED plant lights are now very popular for growing plants indoors using hydroponics system. The Diamond Series comes in wide range including 100w, 200w, 300w, 400w, 600w and […]

Gardening Ideas

Black Cherry Tomatoes Growing

Black cherry tomatoes are the easiest crop to grow. You can grow cherry tomatoes indoors in pots or containers. If you don’t have a garden area then you can very well grow plants indoors. The juicy fruits are the reward for even the minimal and basic efforts. The Black cherry tomato plants grow indeterminate until […]

Hydroponic Fertilizer

CV Concentrate Phototron

Phototron allows you to grow fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Phototron is created to offer you healthy and pesticide-free foods so that you eat and enjoy healthy food. It is designed to provide you with the power to grow own plants using the modern indoor controlled environment, hydroponics system, nutrients and supplies. Phototron is […]