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Benefits Of Having A Living Green Wall

A living green wall is a hydroponics unit that grows plants in vertical panels. The lush greenery will make the walls look lively. These living walls are known in many other names as vertical gardens, eco walls, or green wall. The living walls are known for its many advantages and being eco friendly than eructing concrete and bricks. This eco friendly gardening idea freshens up the air and brings us closer to the nature no matter where it is.

Living walls has come as a revolution in the modern days of pollution and lack of space for the plants and trees. Allowing the plants to grow on the walls not only saves time but also is an answer to water conservation. Using hydroponics and even aeroponics saves more water than in any other ways. It uses no soil so there is no threat of dirt or the soil borne organisms polluting the interiors or the exterior surfaces.

Air purification

Living green walls purifies the air with the supply of fresh air and avoids the toxic substances and volatile compounds from the many paintings or other wall arts. Instead of the toxins we breathe we get fresh and pure oxygen. Over the period of time, there would be fewer toxins emitted into the immediate vicinity. If we are determinate to have live walls in major part of the buildings we are taking an initiative to reverse the damage we have done to our Mother Nature.

Apart from providing oxygen, the plants can also absorb many of the volatile toxic compounds like benzene, formaldehyde etc. In some plants, the leaves do this part and in others flowers are responsible for this purification process. Time has come when we teach out kids that plants uses carbon dioxide and gives us oxygen and in addition they take up the bad compounds from around us to help them grow healthy. More the plants more will be the effects.

The hydroponics units make it possible to have the living walls anywhere there is access to electricity and water. Be it inside the homes and offices or right out there in the streets. These plants will create a purified environment and also help in reducing the global warming. Studies have shown that the nitrogen dioxide and other pollutants from the vehicles are reduced in a bigger margin. The number of sick people due to poor quality air is also reduced considerably.

Saves energy

The energy we use because of the increased temperature is huge and we are running out of resources to generate the same. With more and more plants around in all possible regions and spots, the air temperature can be brought down and thus lessen the usage of energy. The cooling effect of sitting under a large tree and in a room with a living wall would be the one and same.

Living walls could be the answer for the hotter urban areas that is melting under the sun and the heat from the glass panels from the skyscrapers and the small buildings. Instead of the glass panels, use these live plants to decorate the walls and the difference would be huge. Being a vertical garden the living walls can be made on walls that are of any height. The energy reflecting ability of the plants will not store the solar energy inside to get them heated. Imagine the fresh and cool air we get from the plants that are growing inside a 3 storied building! The same plants can also act as insulation and conserve the heat inside a building during the winter as well. That would be called and double whammy, isn’t it?

Controls Noise pollution

Plants can reduce the noise pollution by blocking the sound waves. This is one of the reasons why the larger highways have lots of plants. Use the plants as barriers, and you will have a sound absorber as well. A large living wall in a high roofed hall or building will have fewer echoes and the sound will be in a controlled manner. Replace all those dead and imitation plants with lively ones all along a log corridor and see how muted the way can be.

Living Green Walls – Frequently Asked Questions

Who invented the living green wall?

It was actually started by Stanley Hart White in the year 1938 but its the name of Patrick Blanc’s name that is called out throughout history. He created one famous living green wall in Paris and was designated as the godfather of the ‘vegetal wall’.

How does living green wall benefit the air quality?

With the rising technology and the air pollution that comes with it, there are many health risks coming through. Living green walls are simply plants growing vertically and as we have learnt that plants remove CO2 and produce oxygen similarly the plants in living green wall filter all the toxic gases in the environment and filter them.

Are living green walls visibly pleasing to the eye?

Of course, they are. The society is sadly focusing on the looks and not the inner beauty. With well designed and classy looks of a green wall, you can improve the appearance of your building, office, home etc. to a great extent that never go out of style.

Are these living green walls good for the building?

It is a known fact that buildings are very much affected by changing climates and fluctuating temperatures that trigger the inside materials to rupture, expand, contract that can lead to cracks or breakage. These building living green walls protect the temperature during adverse climates not to mention extreme protection against UV rays that can be hazardous.

Can living green walls cut down the energy bills?

Yes, they can to a great extent. Living green walls deliver a good shade from direct sunlight. This will beat the summer heat and give you cool air on the inside lowering down your energy bills to a great extent. But that’s not all. The panels of living green walls come with growth media that insulate your home and keep you warm during winter season as well.

Will I get rid of noise pollution with living green walls panels?

Throughout USA and Europe, plants have been grown on freeways and noisy areas to cut down the noise pollution and it has helped a lot in cutting the volume down. Living green walls panels act like a feather to the cap of controlling noise pollution. The vegetation naturally curbs the high frequency sounds while the supporting equipments tone down the volume outside so that you are at peace at your home, office etc.

Don’t living green walls tend to be costly?

It all comes down the design that you are choosing. Though living green walls are not cheap that also feature state of the art technology, but there are models that fall under the scope of ‘affordable cost’.

How will I water the plants of living green walls?

The living green walls come with preset designed drip irrigation system that comes with automated features that not only makes sure that water is properly utilized but also promotes less water wastage.

Can I build a living green wall roof?

Yes, but not inside the kitchen roof. While you are planning on refurnishing your home, consult your builder so as to build a normal or sloped roof garden outdoor i.e. just above the kitchen area.

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