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Best Herbs & Take Care Tips for Hydroponics Gardening

I am sure that just like me you also love to use fresh herbs in preparing daily meals. Fresh herbs give a delicious flavor in the dishes which simply tastes best and is loved by my family. Buying fresh herbs regularly was largely a costlier thing for me. So I ended up using dried herbs which gave no delicious taste or buy in bulk of which many remains unused and perishes. I was desperate to find a permanent solution – the best thing came to my mind was to grow my own herbs. But space was major constraint in my home and then I heard of Hydroponics Gardening.

I was a newbie to hydroponics but was firm to grow herbs using Hydroponics. So my rigorous search to find best herbs for hydroponics gardening commenced right away. And here I am with the best herbs and take care tips for hydroponics gardening.

In this article read about why is Hydroponics Gardening best for Herbs? Best Herbs for Hydroponics Gardening and Some Take Care Tips for Hydroponics Gardening.

Why Is Hydroponics Gardening Best For Herbs?

Hydroponics gardening is an ideal growing way to cultivate culinary and medicinal herbs. Herbs grown in hydroponics garden not only grow faster but they significantly contain more flavor and aroma compared to herbs grown in soil. A research finding states that herbs grown hydroponically have 20-40% more aromatic oils than soil grown. Thus, a small hydroponic herb garden can provide you a continuous harvest of finest quality produce in a moderately small space.

Additionally, know some more benefits of growing herbs in hydroponic garden:

  • No mess as herbs in hydroponics are grown in water and no dirt are visible like in soil.
  • Herbs in hydroponic garden grows anywhere between 25% and 50% faster than in soil.
  • Hydroponic garden is grown indoors so no worries about seasonal changes and could enjoy year round supply of fresh herbs.
  • Herbs grown in hydroponic garden requires less maintenance and are less prone to insect attack.

When the herbs grown in my hydroponics garden are cut fresh and added directly to signature dishes, it add various delicate flavors and aromas to gourmet food which dried herbs cannot simply match. Now have a look at the best herbs to grow in your hydroponic garden.

Best Herbs for Hydroponics Gardening

The best herbs for hydroponic Gardening which I had personally grown are:

  • Chives: Chives belong to onion family and needs small space to flourish. It serves as a continuous supply of seasoning for salads, and main dishes. Its fantastic flavor is perfect for baked potatoes. Chives Plants are tough and are capable to survive in any growing conditions. These plants are very aromatic popular by gourmet dishes, grows quite quickly and are easy to maintain. Chive herb is great for growing in an ebb-and-flow or drip system.
  • Oregano: Oregano is a perennial plant with extensive stems which can grow to 2 feet tall. Oregano is simple to grow and can easily be propagated by seed or division. Oregano leaves are either used fresh or preserved after drying. Oregano leaves are widely used to enhance flavors of pizza, pasta or can be sprinkled over lamb. Oregano is one of those herbs which is great with everything and is used liberally in Italian sauces. Ebb-and-flow or drip hydroponic systems are best to grow this herb.
  • Basil: Basil is an herb that responses extremely best for hydroponic gardening. When grown in a protected environment it can be used throughout the year. After maturity, basil can be harvested every week. This herb grows rapidly and requires small space which can be grown along with other herbs. NFT or drip hydroponic systems are perfect for basil.
  • Sage: Sage is a strong sub-shrub herb widely grown for seasoning dressings in meats or for flavoring sausages and cheese. It has a savory, peppery flavor, which makes it an essential herb for any chef. In hydroponic garden this herb is easy to grow. NFT hydroponic system is appropriate to grow this plant exclusively or else use other hydroponic systems if you want to grow sage with other herbs.
  • Rosemary: Rosemary is an evergreen herb with aromatic and pretty flavor for meats preparation. Its aromatic that are used in culinary seasoning and you may find it used at length in bread-making as well. The fibrous rosemary roots develop great in a drip hydroponic system which has a soilless potting mix.
Herbs Germination Period Seedling Harvest Time
Basil 5-10 days 8 weeks 5 weeks
Chives 15-21 days 12-16 weeks 11 weeks
Oregano 8-14 days 6 weeks 6 weeks
Rosemary 8-20 days 12 weeks 10 weeks
Sage 10-21 days 8 weeks 4-6 weeks

Normally, herbs grown in hydroponics mature much rapidly than growing in soil, so below are the tentative time frame for herbs to germinate – harvest so that you can use the most awaited fresh herbs.

Most of the herbs in hydroponic gardening require little space to flourish which makes them perfect to reside on a window-sill or kitchen-top. Nearly all best herbs mentioned above can be grown together using an ebb-and-flow or DWC system to nurture all together and save on space. Further some more take care tips for hydroponic garden is mentioned.

Take Care Tips for Hydroponics Gardening

Herbs have a wide variety of uses and requires bit extra care to do well in hydroponics. It is suggested to maintain a separate hydroponic herbs system dedicated to kitchen for year-round supply. Below are few take care tips for Lighting, Watering and harvesting your herbs Hydroponics Garden.

  • Lighting: It is suggested to place your hydroponic herbs garden in an area that gets maximum possible natural sunlight. Ideally, provide at least six hours of natural sunlight a day. If you are unable to do so then consider offering artificial lighting. A compact fluorescent bulb (CFL) can do wonders for herbs. Ensure your plants get no less than six hours of lights.
  • Watering: Hydroponic herb garden needs no regular watering. Just make sure to maintain water at the correct level. But ensure to check pH regularly. To save time, keep handy some gallons of nutrient solution to add when the water levels dips.
  • Harvesting: Harvest your herbs whenever needed. If some of your herbs start flowering, then remove flowers and allow them to grow. Once these herbs begins flowering they may tend to lose some taste, so ensure to remove them to harvest constantly.


I had planted the above mentioned best herbs hydroponically and must say the outcome was pretty nice as a beginner. Today I had started doubling up few herbs that I use most of the time. I would recommend growing all these herbs if you are new to hydroponic gardening. These herbs can transplant well and thrive in a hydroponic garden. However, it’s your garden, so get creative, plant herbs which match your taste and have a fresh supply constantly.

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