LED Grow Lights

Best LED Grow Lights 2014

LED grow lights seems to be the most popular lights these days and here are the top rated LED grow lights of year 2014.

Diamond Series XML 350 LED grow light mostly uses 3w diodes to produce the light and an additional 10w diode, 10 in numbers as well. It covers an area of 4.5 x 4.5 ft with the core area of 16 sq ft. It uses only 330 watts of current to light up the required area and can produce excellent growth results in the plants. It has the secondary optical lens for light focusing and fares well among the best LED grow lights of 2014.

G8 LED 600 grow light offers 8 band width light with IR and UV rays also. It is a single light unit for both the stages and can be switched between them for the ideal lighting for each stage. The light penetration capacity is 60 inches below the thick plant canopy because of the use of infrared diodes that produce the invisible light wavelength that is beyond the visible light. The light coverage is 18 sq ft or more. Can be used in 110 or 240 V currents.

California Light Works- Solar Flare 800W LED grow light uses 5w diodes 160 in number. The light penetration capacity is higher than that of a 1000W HPS light. The dual spectrum system allows change of the light from vegetative to the flowering stage easily. The main advantage of Solarflare is the presence of the T8 fluorescent light to provide the necessary UV light. It boosts the crop potency. Ideal for a 4 x 4 ft grow area for flowering plants and wider for non flowering plants at 5 x 5 ft area.

Apollo Horticulture GL60 Full Spectrum 180W grow light is a small grow light that can light up 4-5 sq ft area. It produces 6 band spectrums and includes the power cord and hanging clips for easy installation. The cooling fan works quiet but efficiently. It can be used for both the stages. The 3w diodes draw only 109 watts of power and can go on working for 50,000 hours. Best placed at 8-10 inches above the plants and allow them to grow closer because of the effective cooling. Users say that it is cooler than the CFL lights they have used.

KIND K3 L600 LED grow light has the maximum band width with 12 bands. Runs at 700 mA current to produce the maximum intensity light that can penetrate double the distance of any other LED grow light. The light is produced by the most efficient 3w diodes. The secondary optical lens magnifies the light and its PAR value many times to make higher yield. It is an ideal replacement for the 600w HPS light and draws only half the current. The 2 cooling fans ensure that the light stays cool all the while and can be placed as close to the plants as possible without causing any damage.

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