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Black Vinyl Tubing – (ID) 3/8” – (OD) 1/2” – 1000 ft

Black Vinyl Tubing – (ID) 3/8″ – (OD) 1/2″ – 1000 ft

The black vinyl tubing – (ID) 3/8” – (OD) ½” – 1000 ft long is a commonly used supply for hydroponics and pond plumbing. What makes it a more desirable choice, is its flexibility to bend. Garden plumbing often need bends and twists and the tubing material should have enough flexibility so that it does not break or damage easily. The PVC vinyl tubes are commonly called vinyl tubing. The black vinyl tubing is the ideal choice for ponds and hydroponics. Even though clear tuning is also available the black will be more suitable.

The black vinyl tubing has inner diameter of 3/8” and outer diameter of ½”. The tube walls are thicker and are durable. It is offered in a longer length of 1000 ft which can be used for an elevated pond or a deeper pond. Both these types of ponds need lengthier tubing to run along the distance.

The black vinyl tubing can be used for air passage and for water flow equally. The smooth inner surface ensures an unrestricted air and water flow.

The black color of this black vinyl tubing ensures no light penetration that may encourage algal growth inside the tube. Here there is no light inside and the algae cannot survive.

Moreover the smooth inner surface, which lacks friction, will not favor any clogging or blockage of the flow and do not let any bacteria to adhere and grow inside.

The same black vinyl tubing can be used for sump pumping of small ponds. The black vinyl tubing has a pressure withstanding of 250 psi and can have continuous flow.

The size of the black vinyl tubing is fitting for any standard valve fittings. Using steel adapters or valves will be desirable to avoid any rusting after a while which can cause leakage in future. The vinyl black tubing is light weight, long lasting and extremely strong. It can survive even rough handling. It is easily cut for fittings.
The black vinyl tubing can be hidden under a pond than the clear tubing and is the reason to be the more popular plumbing partner. It is preferred over the ribbed tubing which can flourish bacteria inside.

In hydroponics, this black tubing vinyl can be used for carrying air and water. In ebb and flow system, this tubing will serve the purpose capably. This black vinyl tubing can carry the water back into the reservoir or used as drainage tube in the hydroponics grows boxes.

Black vinyl tubing is made of non-toxic material and is safe for the plants, fish and aquarium. It is easier to steam sterilize it, if needed. It can withstand the temperature of 5- 150˚ F. It can be recoiled easily for disassembly and transport.

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