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Botanicare Nutrients

Botanicare Nutrients

Plants need food to grow and this food is the nutrients that is available from the medium it grows in. In natural conditions, the soil will have certain amount of nutrients but when we do indoor gardening or extensive gardening there will be nutrient deficiency in the medium and the plants tend to grow slow. In order to speed up the process, we need to add good quality nutrients that are preferably organic to avoid any future problems. Botanicare Nutrients is a one step solution for all the growth requirements needed by the plants. Right from the basic nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium to the bloom stimulants, Botanicare nutrients cover almost all aspects in gardening. It can be used in soil as well as hydroponics systems.

The perfect plant recipe from Botanicare Nutrients

The nutrients suit all types of grow mediums like soil, coco and hydroponics. All the ingredients are organic and no chemicals are used in the manufacture of any product from Botanicare Nutrients. All the products are simple pre-developed plant recipes to enhance or boost the growth, flowering or fruiting by providing the right combination of minerals needed by the plants in each growth stage. Botanicare nutrients are ready to use and need simple mixing in water to make it fit to be fed to the plants. Some nutrients are growth stage specific and some may be used all along. Here are the types of nutrients available from Botanicare Nutrients.

  • Grow nutrients will have the nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium in the perfect balance to facilitate faster vegetative growth. All the essentials are present in readily absorbable state for the plants.
  • Flowering nutrients helps the plants develop healthy and showy flowers that will later turn into bigger fruits. The flowering nutrients are used during the flowering stage only with less nitrogen and increased amount of P-K ratio.
  • Flushing is needed when it is nearing harvest. The flushing solution helps remove all the mineral salts accumulated inside the plants over the period and all traces of the added nutrients are also removed. This process helps in keeping the plant parts eatable and healthier and also improves its life period after harvest.
  • Supplements like vitamins, amino acids and other necessities of micro elements are also available at Botanicare Nutrients.
  • Rooting boosters from Botanicare nutrients speed up the rooting process of the clones and mother plants.
  • Metabolic boosters improve the metabolic activities in the plant to improve the vegetative growth.
  • Stress reducers are also needed by the plants to have comfortable growing. The mineral salts and other compound from the nutrients that gets accumulated are removed from the plant.
  • Stimulant nutrients from Botanicare Nutrients increases the overall growth and flowering capacity. The plants show luxurious growth and have large and juicy fruits to have the greatest harvest ever.
  • pH Adjuster from Botanicare Nutrients help increase or decrease the pH of the nutrient water. The water pH plays a major role in the nutrient absorption as the plants prefer a pH of 6.5 to have optimal nutrient intake.

The Botanicare Nutrients provide a nutrient feed schedule to let the grower know which product is to be fed during which stage and at what time. The correct feeding improves the quality of the product and also eases the efforts in gardening.

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