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Box garden is a type of raised garden. The main difference of Box garden from other raised garden is that it is smaller and compact. Most raised gardens are medium sized and the smaller ones are called Box garden. What makes Box garden attractive is the flexibility in choosing the container or the box. Any kind of container may be used for Box gardening. There are many types of Box gardens.

Movable: Box gardens that are created in small containers and those bigger ones with casters can be moved from one place to another. This mobility makes it easier to change the arrangements whenever needed and also move the plants according to the sunlight availability. Orchids that need less sunlight when planted in the Box gardens are easier to move away from the direct vicinity of the sunlight.

  • Immovable Box gardens are fixed at a place. These types of gardens are mostly set on ground after preparations. These immovable box gardens are raised from the ground and may or may not have separate potting soil in it. The adding of potting soil makes a sterile environment and avoids soil contamination.
  • Hanging gardens are also a type of box garden. These hanging boxes allow small plants and also those that like to grow downwards.

How to create a box garden

Box garden is something that is easily created from used materials. Any old unused container of any shape may be converted into a box garden. The only thing that needed is the potting soil and do remember to put some holes at the bottom of the container to facilitate proper drainage.

  • Type of box garden: The box garden may be movable, immovable, or hanging. Decide what you want and choose the container or box that suits. An old vehicle tire may also be used to create a box garden. Place the tire and fill it with soil and plant the plants.
  • Place: Choosing the right place is important for immovable box garden. Decide where you need the garden to be and clean and prepare the area to make it ready. The place should have proper sunlight. Depending on the type of plants growing in the place may be under a shade also. First decide the plants and then the place.
  • Types of plants: The place and type of box garden should mostly be decided upon the type of plant it grows. Small plants need smaller container. A big box garden may accommodate likeminded plants of different types.

Benefits of Box Garden

Weed and pest control is the biggest advantage of box garden. The box gardens are raised from the ground and the soil will be separated from the ground so that the weeds are not able to intrude. This also helps prevent pest infestation.

Easy accessibility for everyone, even the disable people is another plus point for box gardens. It also adds beauty to anywhere it placed and is easily accessed, especially in the case of the kitchen herb garden at the backyard.

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