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Building Your Cloning Chamber

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One of the most popular methods of propagating a plant is taking cuttings. Usually, in today’s modern world it is referred to as cloning. Cloning offers you the ability to get multiple genetically identical plants to the parent/mother plant. Cloning plants has probably been followed for thousands of years. In lay man’s term, cloning is nothing but a cutting taken from the parent plant and rooted. Or a stem from the parent plant is buried until rooted and then cut from the parent plant. In hydroponics systems, hydroponic cloning chambers can be bought from the market.

Today, this practice in followed by using a cloning chamber. You can DIY cloning chamber on your own or buy any of the suitable hydroponic cloning chamber readily available in the market. Building your own requires enough knowledge for success and buying ready to use hydroponic cloner may be bit costly but this one time investment would prove cost effective in long run. You can read more details on this, further in the article. Now, allow me to brief you on why cloning is required in the first place.

Why to Use Clones?

There are quite a few numbers of reasons that you may want to clone your plant:

  • When seeds for certain variety of plant are not available
  • If you wish to maintain consistent quality of your crops, take cuttings and get as many perfect clones of your special plant.
  • It is a much faster way to begin rather than starting from seed while also saving a lot of time and reducing time till harvest.

Building Your Cloning Chamber

The homemade cloning chamber utilizes aeroponics hydroponic system to have consistent results from cuttings. It also offers you plenty of usable clones. The parts required to build are easily available and are inexpensive. Your cloning chamber will get ready in maximum two hours.

1. Planting Clones In Net Pots

Netting pots are used to hold the clones. One cutting is placed in an individual net pot for cloning. Select net pots from the wide range of sizes available from any hydroponic supplier. These are inexpensive units but also you can use any plastic container available in your home. Make a large number of holes at the bottom and side of any plastic cup and use it. Take each clone and remove the bottom three leaves from it. Dip the stem roots into the nutrient hormone solution. Place each cutting in individual pots for about half-an-inch below the bottom of the pot. After placing the cutting, fill these pots with support grow material for your plants such as clay pellets, gravel or silica stones. Ensure the support grow media is large enough that it won’t fall through the holes in the pots.

2. Making The Cloning Chamber

Cloning chamber is the reservoir that stores and supplies nutrient rich water solution to plants. You can buy a large plastic storage bin with lid or use any similar large plastic container from the garage. The reservoir size depends on how many clones you want from one cycle and how much space is available to place this system. A larger container with a capacity of 10 gallons is ideal. Use of an opaque container will be light proof for nutrients and discourages algae growth. On a reservoir lid, cut a series of holes. These holes should be large enough to hold the individual net pots but without letting them fall through.

3. Support Accessories

Various support components such as an air pump, few 8-inch long air stones, plastic tubes, timer and nutrients are needed for operating cloning chamber. With the help of plastic tubes you can connect air pump and air stones. The digital timer should allow you to perform multiple settings every day. Vitamin B rich nutrient hormone for clone’s rooting system to boost.

4. Working Of Cloning Chamber System

Place the individual net pots that already contain the clones, in the holes made on the cloning chamber’s lid. Fill the cloning chamber with water until it is 2 inches below the plants roots. Add the vitamin B nutrient to the water as per the direction and instruction mentioned on the pack. Put the air stones in the water and plug the air pump into the timer. Set the digital timer to turn on for 15 minutes every hour. The air pump will create bubbles in the water. When these bubbles explode, it creates a mist that keeps your clones roots wet and your aeroponic hydroponic technique is put to work in this cloning chamber.

Ready to Use Cloning Chamber

Today, you will find many companies offering several varieties of cloning machines. These are ready to use as it comes with everything you need to grow, just add clones and start growing from day one. However, this comes with some cost. Yes. They are a bit expensive units but are highly effective in producing faster clones. From the varied sizes, you can choose your most suitable one depending on size and space. SuperCloset is one of the companies offering finest quality of hydroponic cloning chambers.

  • Supercloner 14 Site Hydroponic Cloner
  • Supercloner 50 Site Hydroponic Kit
  • The Clone Machine- Hydroponic Cloner
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