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California Lightworks Solarstorm 440-watt LED with UVB

California Light works is a company that focuses on developing greenhouse grow lights. The products they have come up with, using the latest and advanced technologies are the LED grow lights/ LED plant lights with unique features that made a special place in the market of grow lights. Started with the 3W diodes, California Light works now uses 5W light emitting diodes to light up the grow lights. They now have come to the two streams of products under the names SolarStorm and SolarFlare.

Features of LED grow lights from California Light Works

  • The LED grow lights from California Light works are power saving and long lasting.
  • There are no bulb changing hassles and the single unit can go on working for many years.
  • The lights from California Light works are of different kinds with lights for full cycle, blooming and vegetative separate etc. They come in different wattages as well.
  • The LED lights from the California Light Works come fully assembled and ready to use. There is no need for a ballast system. A cooling system also may be avoided unless the grow space demands. On rare occasions where there are more than one grow light used and the temperature is getting higher, a cooling system is called for. Otherwise the California Light works provides the coolest grow lights.
  • The full cycle grow light has switches to change the light settings for vegetative and flowering modes.
  • The presence of the UV bulb is the unique feature of California Light Works. The UV bulb emits a good amount of useful UV rays which the grow lights generally do not produce or the produced rays are not enough to reach the plants. In the SolarStorm grow lights from California Light works, the UV bulbs in the form of T8 are used, which are mostly used during the last week before harvest to improve the quality of the final product.

Products from California Light works

  • SolarStorm 880 uses 175 high power 5 W diodes. But in reality, only a few diodes are used in each stage. The wattage use of the light is 475 in veg mode and the bloming mode uses 650 w base and 680W if the UV bulb is also used. This is great for a medium sized grow space and can be used as a single light for the full cycle.
  • SolarStorm 440 uses only 88 diodes and is smaller in size for small grow spaces. The power consumption is also lesser.
  • SolarFlare 220 Full cycle/ Bloom Booster/ VegMaster: The SolarFlare 220 watts grow lights are available as vegetative light and blooming light separate or as a complete full cycle light. They make an excellent replacement for a 400W HID grow light and use only half the power. Suitable for 2 sq ft area for blooming and 5 sq ft coverage for vegetative growth when placed higher.
  • SolarFlare 110 BloomBooster/ VegMaster works on 22 diodes and actual wattage is only 85 watts. Can be used for vegetative growth of the plants.

The main advantage of the SolarFlare LED lights from California Light works is that with a daisy chain model, up to 8 units can be connected to a single power plug for the 220 W and double the number for the 110 W models. This facility makes it a better choice for larger grow areas to save power.

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