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Carbon filter for grow room

Proper odor control is necessary for your grow rooms. Using carbon filter for your grow room is the effective way to keep your system neutral of any odor thereby keeping the grow room cool and crisp at all times. Most of the best grow boxes, indoor grow cabinets and stealth grow boxes use carbon filters in their systems. Read all about it here.

Imagine entering a grow room and walking through a land of odor? Weird, isn’t it? Your grow room can’t speak but it can certainly give you signs to tell what it feels. It doesn’t matter what you grow, it is obvious that the plant will leave an impression. This can interfere with whatever you are growing in future. Make arrangements now.

Carbon filters are one of the best way to get rid the atmosphere of all odors and keep it neutral at all times. Of course, there are exceptions such as castor beans or lemon sage that give you a very good whiff making it impossible to relieve them from your grow room. But at the end of the day, a clean and neutral climate will give you a refreshing feel everytime you open the cabinet. Many brands give this additional feature of Carbon filters along with their grow room products.

A carbon filter is basically a hollow equipment with a slim frame that is filled with activated charcoal/carbon. The stench air is passed through the carbon filter where it comes out as pure neutral air from the opposite side. The usage of carbon filter in your grow room is currently one of the most popular options available in the market because of its best benefits such as budget fit price, less maintenance and absolutely efficient results.

With proper carbon filter in your grow room, you need to change the filter only every 12 to 18 months. Of course, it also depends on other factors such as the usage hours, fan speed, quality of the carbon filter etc.

Many people ask how often does one need to purify the grow room. Though you will get different answers, the general rule of thumb is changing the air every 5 – 10 minutes. Choosing the circulation fan also makes a good effect on your grow room. For instance, if you are owning a grow room of 6 feet tall, width and length, you will get a sum of 216 cubic feet. This means you would require a circulation fan of CFM rating of 43. Usually, when you are ordering a complete grow room, they come with automated timer that run the circulation fan at specified periods or when the temperature goes higher. But if your circulation fan is powerful, you can always control the speed at your discretion.

There are other products in the market that filter odor and are less popular than carbon filters in your grow room such as ozone generators or odor masking agents. But here lies the sad part as they are not a good support for you or your plants. These ozone generators release ozone that has been claimed as toxic by EPA. Over exposure of ozone gas can lead to lung damage, chest pain, coughing etc.

Bottomline, it is best to go with carbon filters for your grow room but picking the right product is important. If you are growing smelly plants in a grow room, then make sure you use a carbon filter. A most effective way to remove unpleasant odors, they are a necessity for any grow room.

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