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Cheap Indoor Grow Systems

Any system that allows plants to grow in them can be called grow systems. Setting up an indoor grow system is a bit expensive than outdoors. Indoor grow systems can be costly if it uses hydroponics system. There are many options for cheap indoor grow systems, if you choose wise. The cost of indoor grow systems increase with its size or capacity. There are many options for getting these cheap indoor grow systems. Simple grow systems are also considered cheap grow systems. A single pot growing is the cheapest of all.

Beginner indoor grow systems are generally cheap indoor grow system option. They come as cheap as below $30 and allow 1- many plants in a single system depending on its size. They are mostly hydroponics systems that use deep water culture or bubble ponics. Drip method using units also come cheaper. There is also the ebb and flow basic pot/bucket system, which is also a cheap indoor grow system option.

Single plant grow units that works on basic hydroponics methods are best for decors. These cheap indoor grow systems are available in many sizes and it differs with the capacity of the water reservoir. They mostly use the DWC with an additional oxygenation facility for the roots. The same grow system can be modified to accommodate 4 plants as well.

Grow room packages that includes all the necessities in it can be one of the cheapest indoor grow systems. The price may look higher but since it includes all that is needed for an initial grow set up, it doesn’t matter. It also takes the guess work out, and are ready to use in most cases with only a little assembly. The small grow room packages are the cheap indoor grow systems in this category.

Self watering raised gardens makes an excellent option for a cheap indoor grow system. The whole system only needs regular caring and water changing. Otherwise they grow the plants on its own. Suitable for the patios and balconies, they are nothing short of an indoor grow system.

DIY Hydroponics units are the cheapest, period. The basic hydroponics unit is easy to make. You simply need a container with a lid and a small water pump. The net cups are available at Walmart. Use some pebbles and you are ready for planting. There are numerous ideas by which you can make a hydroponics unit. An unused aquarium is the best bet as it already has an air pump and water pump. Find an appropriate lid, make holes for the net cups, fill the tank with water, add nutrients and switch it on.

The options for a cheap indoor grow system is endless. The best feature about indoor grow systems are that you can use your imagination in any way you prefer. There are no rules for an indoor grow system. The system is right as long as you are comfortable with it and whether or not it fulfills your desires and ideas. Make use of your ideas or go for the best of options.

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