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Clear Vinyl Tubing – (ID) 1/4” – (OD) 3/8” – 1000 ft

Clear Vinyl Tubing – (ID) 1/4″ – (OD) 3/8″ – 1000 ft

The Clear Vinyl Tubing – (ID) 1/4” – (OD) 3/8” – 1000 ft is used as air and water passage. Indoor gardening equipments are incomplete until there is some sort of tubing that takes water and air into the hydroponics system. It needs a quality product that does not emit harmful chemicals from it that can contaminate the water and later turn lethal for the plants. The Clear Vinyl Tubing – (ID) 3/8” – 1000 ft is just what any indoor gardener needs to have trouble free air and water flow in hydroponics and aeroponics systems. The use of this vinyl tubing is many.

The Clear Vinyl Tubing – (ID) – 1/4” – (OD) 3/8” – 1000 ft from Dealzer is strong and durable. It is available in many sizes but the ¼ inch sized tubing is just right for drip systems and air pump air stone connections. Though higher diameter tubing are mostly used for water transfer, the Clear Vinyl Tubing – (ID) – 1/4” – (OD) 3/8” can also be used for small water systems.

The inner dimension of this vinyl tubing is ¼ inch and the outer diameter is 3/8 inches. The thick tube walls are sturdy and strong and at the same time flexible to bend it or flex it in any manner. The clear vinyl tubing shows what flows inside and can be used for other gardening needs as well, not just for hydroponics. The clear vinyl tubing is also used in aquariums.

In hydroponics this Clear Vinyl Tubing – (ID) – 1/4” – (OD) 3/8” is ideal for drip irrigation system. The Clear Vinyl Tubing – (ID) – 1/4” – (OD) 3/8” is available in 1000 ft makes it enough for a large garden. It can be cut into ideal lengths as per need.

The disadvantage that Clear Vinyl Tubing has in comparison to the black vinyl tubing is that the clear tubing pass sunlight through it and that can favor the growth of algae inside. Since it will be mostly used inside, this threat is not that important. Occasional cleaning can help avoid this situation. More over, this clear vinyl tubing is mostly used indoor for the air passage or for drip system; it is less exposed to light than when it is under the sun.

The Clear Vinyl Tubing – (ID) – 1/4” – (OD) 3/8”- 1000 ft is a one term investment for small scale indoor gardeners and easy buying for a large scale grower. Larger gardens need that much longer tubing and this Clear Vinyl Tubing – 1000 ft is for them. The vinyl is durable and pays justice for the price paid on it.

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Clear Vinyl Tubing – (ID) 1/4” – (OD) 3/8” – 1000 ft
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