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MARS II LED Grow Lights

The is a LED light store that offers the modern technology LED grow lights that can run longer and uses less power. The LED lights emit less heat energy and keeps the grow area cooler and safer for the plants. The light emitted will have the right wavelengths that are fully absorbed by the plants.

All the LED plant lights from the use 3W diodes to light up. The wattage of the grow light differs with the number of diodes used. There are reflective, old fashioned and new Mars LED grow lights from Most of these grow lights are suitable for the plugs in many countries and are shipped international from the warehouses at USA, Australia, and UK. The LED plant lights available from the are:

Mars II Led grow lights are the newest LED lights that use the 5W diodes instead of the popular 3W diodes. The power consumption ranges from 170-700 watts. These square LED grow lights from works better in terms of light delivery. The high power 5W diodes are cooled instantly by the larger and silent fans. The diodes are fixed a little far away from each other than that in the usual 3W diodes. The distance helps in wider coverage and better heat dissipation to make the Mars II LED lights better than any other.

Old Model LED grow lights from the have a single covering for all the LEDs in it. These 3W diodes emit the spectrum of 430-660 nm light that includes the IR and white light. Depending on the number of diodes used, these old model LED grow lights draw the power from 90W to 500W. The life span is the same as any other LED grow lights. The view angle of the LEDs is set at 90˚ or 120˚. They cover an area of 2.5 sq ft to 4.2 sq ft according to the size.

Reflector LED grow lights from the has reflective make for maximum light output and availability of the absorbable light for photosynthesis. It suits all the growth stages and emits red, blue, and white light that can be switched from vegetative to the blooming stage when needed. The cooling fans keep it cool and the reflective surface increase its efficiency. The GFI system switches off the system in case of overheating to avoid mishaps. It runs longer for over 50k hours. The ideal distance from the plants is 12-36 inches, depending on the grow light wattage. For vegetative stage, keep it on for 16-20 hrs and for flowering it is 11-13 hours.

Aquarium LED lights are also available at These LED lights provides full spectrum light for the fish tank corals. The light is dimmable and each LED has an individual beauty lens to enhance the output. The dimmable lights are in two sets of 28 and 27 LEDs. There are white, neutral, red, green, violet, royal blue and blue colored light. It works within the temperature range of 20-40 degree Celsius. It has a black painted casting. This aquarium LED light from can go on working for up to 100,000 hours.

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