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Cube6 Reflector

Cube6 Reflector

The Cube6 Reflector is one of the best partner for your grow lights as it compliments them well. grow lights play an important role in hydroponics grow system.  Grow lights are also used in hydroponics grow cabinets to provide sufficient lighting to the plants. With adjustable sockets and other unique designs, you will get unbelievable lumens at every corner of your grow room.

If you are building your grow room, then you will definitely need these. Apart from the hydroponic system and all the other necessary equipments, Cube6 Reflectors also play an important role in helping you derive better yields. How? Read on to know how.

The sole purpose of a reflector is to navigate direct from the grow light (lamp) to the grow tent. Cube reflectors or corner reflectors works in spherical or prism shaped. It reverses the incoming rays from the grow lights and reflects them to each and every surface of the reflector. This helps in delivering equal amount of energy to the plants without missing a corner. The result – is a healthy growing plant right from the root stage. Proper illumination also helps in good amount of photosynthesis.

Did you know that each and every light reflector has a different light pattern? The adjustable socket by which you can adjust the position of the on all sides (up, down, left and right) by which you can personally choose the area you feel the illumination is better. It doesn’t matter what bulb you use but personally MH or HPS are much better off than cheap CFL lights as they are not safe and tend to produce more light than other options you have.

The hinged glass adds to your illuminati called the Cube6 Reflector. It allows the light to project of itself to every area of your grow tent. It comes with a retractable steel clamps and a rubber seal to hold the Cube6 Reflector in place when you are cleaning the product or replacing the bulb not to mention it gives a whole new look to your grow tent and speaks style in all ways.

The hammerstone aluminum is another feature of the Cube6 Reflector. The term ‘hammerstone’ means it contains some amount of bumps and indentations which is meant to spread the light evenly to all the areas of the plants without missing a point and avoid ‘hot spots’. The aluminum used is polished and anoidzed that motivates the reflective qualities which is the whole point of having a reflector in your grow tent. The aluminum is a good thermal conductor and the protective oxide makes it easy to clean and maintain its natural luster for a long time.

The latest Cube Reflectors come with a higher light output than what was used couple of decades ago. The current grow light hoods delivers around 87 or 93% reflection which covers almost all the area of the grow tent without missing a point.

Above all this, it is also important you have a proper grow room set up that includes thick density fabric that prevents light leak or mylar walls that help in delivering the lumens correctly to the plants. Also make sure you take proper care of your plants by providing apt nutrients, CO2 etc. which will no doubt give you the desired yields throughout the year.

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