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Cultilene Rockwool Grow Cubes – 6.4 CU/FT Bag For Hydroponics – Review

Cultilene Rockwool Grow Cubes – 6.4 CU/FT Bag

Cultilene is known for their grow cubes which acts as great medium for the roots of the plants to easily latch on to an indoor system. Cultilene has years of experience on developing Rockwool products in Holland and also has been a choice of many big industrial propagators.

Cultilene has been able to maintain the quality that was set by the company from the beginning. The rock wool cubes designed by Cultilene has an impressive air to water ratio and structure that is designed in fiber which enables the cubes to hold the water and have very resistance towards the roots which makes it easy for the roots to hold tight. This helps the roots of the plants to stay in good health and also enables the roots to get strengthened. The Cultilene Rockwool grow cubes help in faster rooting of the roots and also for the firm hold on the roots. The grow cubes are very flexible and can be used for many other uses.

The Cultilene Rockwool grow cubes 6.4 CU/FT bags are long lasting in its working as they play an important role in the upbringing of the plants in the system. The grow boxes are made up of basalt rock and is spun in a couple of directions. The best part of the Cultilene Rockwool grow cubes is that it retains its shape even when it is soaked in water. The cube sizes come in many sizes and in this article I would like to give a review on the Cultilene Rockwool Grow Cubes 6.4 CU/FT bags which is larger in size. The cubes are made from mineral wool which is molten basalt rock which is spun into thin fibers. The twin direction spun mode makes it intact even when it’s wet and this why is it better than the Grodan cubes which are spun only in one direction. The double spun method also makes the cubes long lasting which save a lot of time.

There are many sizes which are available for the rock wool cubes. Rockwool also comes in slab formats and comes in two sizes specifically in 150mm wide X 75 mm deep X 1000 mm long or 150 mm X 75mm deep X 1300 mm long. The Rockwool Transplant Cubes comes in three different versions or options:

  • Options One: Under this option Cultilene Rockwool grow cubes come with three inch small hole. The cube measures 75mm X 75 mm X 75 mm with a hole measuring a size of 25 mm X 25 mm X 40mm
  • Option Two: The second option includes three-inch large hole, the cube measuring 75 mm on all directions with a hole which measures approximately 36 mm X 36 mm X 40 mm.
  • Option Three: The third option comes with a four inch large hole which measures 100mm X 100 mm X 75 mm. The larger hole makes Cultilene Rockwool grow cubes more stable for the larger plants to grow in it as the roots can hold on tightly.

Cultilene Rockwool Grow Cubes are clearly one of the best in the market with its in built quality and the number of variations that is provided by the company to the users. The variants help in meeting the demands of plants of various species.

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