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Cultilene Rockwool Non-Shrink wrapped Mini Blocks

Cultilene Rockwool Non-Shrinkwrapped Mini-Blocks

A rockwool is a substrate used in hydroponics systems for the plants to grow. The rockwool can absorb the nutrient water and the plants can absorb the nutrients from them also. This is most useful for younger plants and clones. The Cultilene rockwool non-shrink wrapped mini blocks are 1.5 inch cubes. It comes as a pack of 15 mini blocks packed in non-shrink wrapping for preserving the size. The non-shrink wrapping keeps the rockwool intact and the shape is retained for the use. These mini blocks can be used as plugs and can be used as such or may be replaced on to a bigger rockwool block when the plants or clones have developed better root system.

Features of Cultilene rockwool non-shrink wrapped mini blocks

  • The first and foremost feature of the Cultilene rockwool non-shrink wrapped mini blocks is that it is not shrink wrapped and comes as the ready to use blocks that retains the same shape and size as mentioned for the product, 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches cubes.
  • The rockwool mini blocks are man made fiber made out of the volcanic rocks. These rocks are heated at high temperature and woven into fiber form. These fibers are interwoven tightly but allowing enough air spaces for the plant roots to grow.
  • The Cultilene rockwool mini blocks are of high quality, which means they can absorb water easily but do not get over wet. It retains water but never store them for long period. It can provide better drainage, a feature that makes it all the more suitable to use in the hydroponics systems.
  • These Cultilene rockwool mini blocks are the widely used plant substrates for cloning and germination. They are suitable for plant cuttings, clones, or seedlings to grow. It makes a good buffering zone for the nutrient solution and maintains a better oxygen concentration through the air spaces. The roots growing in these rockwool mini blocks get aerated and are in constant contact with oxygen. The moisture and the nutrient water retained in the rockwool blocks keeps feeding the plants even when there is no watering for a while.

How to use the Cultilene rockwool non-shrink wrapped mini blocks

All the Cultilene rockwool mini blocks need pre-soaking before use. The pre soaking is to immerse the blocks in nutrient dissolved water for a few hours, better if it is 24 hours. The pH of the blocks should be around 5.5 to make it acidic and to allow better nutrient absorption by plants. The pH maintenance is done by using the soaking water with the same value.

The soaking water for the Cultilene rockwool mini blocks should have low electrical conductivity. Using RO water is preferable as it has almost 0 EC. After removal from the soaking water, squeeze out the excess water. The Cultilene rockwool mini blocks should be moist not soaking wet. The weight of the properly soaked rockwool blocks should be approximately 45-50 gms.
Make a small cut in the midde of the rockwool mini block and insert the cutting, clones or the seedlings in it. Now place these blocks on a grow tray and watch them grow. Once the plants have grown bigger, these mini blocks itself can be transplanted to a bigger rockwool slab by inserting the mini blocks into holes or the cuts made in it.

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