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Cultilene Rockwool Shrinkwrapped Hydroponic Mini-Blocks & Slabs

Cultilene Rockwool Shrinkwrapped Mini-Blocks

Cultilene is a company based in Netherlands offering various Rockwool products for use as a growing medium. With its years of experience, today, Cultilene Rockwool products are considered best in the market. Many large industrial propagators from across the world rely on Rockwool products.

Cultilene had designed a wide range of Rockwool products to be used in hydroponics systems. Hydroponics is growing indoor plants without using soil. It is getting popular these days because of many reasons such as lack of space for outdoor gardening, tendency to eat healthy foods, etc. Hydroponics system offers you with the flexibility to grow your own fruits, vegetables, flowers or herbs at the comfort of your home. Instead of using soil, hydroponics uses growing medium to house the seeds, clones or plants.

Rockwool is prepared using the mix of volcanic rock and sand. This mixture is spun to form various Cultilene Rockwool sizes. It is created for optimum water and air retention to provide you with strong plants roots. Cultilene is all set to provide Rockwool as a growing medium in various variants for you to select the most appropriate one.

Cultilene Rockwool is available in cubes, blocks, sheets, plugs and sheets format. Select any format and you will find the finest quality available in the market. Further the details of Cultilene Rockwool Shrinkwrapped Mini-Blocks are narrated in depth.

Why Is Cultilene Rockwool Shrinkwrapped Mini-Blocks considered The Best?

Cultilene Rockwool Shrinkwrapped Mini-Blocks includes many features that place it on the top of the list. They are:

  • Shrinkwrapped Mini-Blocks features the finest and unique Plantcomfort fibre structure that offers excellent water/air ratio to give comfortable home for strong plant roots
    The fiber contains superb air to water ratio for continuous plant rooting in accordance with even water distribution and EC.
  • Its fiber structure can hold water longer so that your plants never going thirsty.
  • The Shrinkwrapped Mini-Blocks contains soft fiber that gives less resistance for the roots to find home within, hence, resulting in stronger roots for plants to stand intact.
  • It supports speedy rooting initially while giving guaranteed firmness to the plant roots.
  • Finally, this Shrinkwrapped Mini Blocks are specially designed for using for seedlings and cuttings.

How do the Cultilene Rockwool Shrinkwrapped Mini-Blocks Come?

They come in a paper-wrapped strip. There are total 3 paper-wrapped strips in every Rockwool Mini-Blocks pack. Each paper-wrapped strip contains 15 Mini Blocks which are measured as: 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5. With 3 of such strip containing 15 each, you get 45 Mini Blocks per shrinkwrapped pack.

Cultilene Rockwool Shrinkwrapped Mini-Blocks are sold in cases. One case contains 50 shrinkwrapped packs offering you with the quantity of 2,250 Mini-Blocks (50 packs X 45 Mini blocks). The prices are on the basis of cases.

It is the most preferred grow medium amongst hydroponics users. Both home and commercial growers uses this efficient medium that is capable to hold plants erect during their entire life.

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