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CV Concentrate Phototron

Phototron allows you to grow fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Phototron is created to offer you healthy and pesticide-free foods so that you eat and enjoy healthy food. It is designed to provide you with the power to grow own plants using the modern indoor controlled environment, hydroponics system, nutrients and supplies.

Phototron is scientifically tested unit that consist of vertical grow system. The many features of Phototron are:

  • Its absolute design looks great and has an ability to grow large plants in apartments, condos and small living areas.
  • It is perfect unit to accommodate all types of plants offering larger growth that gives higher yields.
  • It is created to allows you continuous harvest and number of grow cycles all year round.
  • It consumes less energy and saves on your utility bills.
  • All components are included so that you can start growing from day one.
  • It offers you the potential to harvest enormous yields without using pesticides or herbicides.
  • It is best for beginners as it is reasonably priced, easy to operate and start with indoor growing.

The featured components make Phototron to stand different from its counterparts.

  • The mirrored 6 Reflective panels within the unit retain 90% of the light in the plants environment without any leakages.
  • The (6) 55-watt Fluorescent bulbs or 6 Blue T-5 Bulbs and 4 Red T-5 Blubs are vertically installed to concentrate light where plants need them the most.
  • The two vent design creates a natural airflow, the bottom vent draws cool air and warm air escapes through the top vent.
  • Its Convective airflow allows naturally maximizing CO2 in the unit.
  • This is a Closed System that maintains perfect nutrient balance offering essential nutrient for faster growth. The CV Concentrate CV 65 Feed Formula and CV Concentrate CIV 75 Base Formula come with Phototron.
  • It contains an adjustable light spectrum that offers right light for small and large plants.
  • The odor controlling carbon filter works best to contain smell.
  • The detailed easy to follow Steps will help you with growing Instructions for maximum yield.

CV Concentrate Phototron nutrient CV 65 Feed Formula

Phototron units work best with Phototron nutrients. All Phototron nutrients are specially formulated to offer maximum from the unit. The Power Growth Nutrient CV Concentrate Phototron CV 65 Feed Formula is one such ultimate nutrient.

These CV Concentrate Phototron nutrients are laboratory tested and analyzed to provide explosive growth and large yields. The CV Concentrate CV 65 is entirely herbicide and pesticide free. This offers you to harvest all natural and completely organic fruits and vegetables.

The continuous feed Power Growth CV 65 formula is designed to grow any type of plant in a Phototron. One concentrate bottle of CV 65 nutrients can make 16 gallons of nutrient solution.

Preparing Full Potency CV Concentrate Solution Steps

The full potency concentrate solution is mix in the other jug that contains plain distilled or RO water.

  • Pour all contents of the CV 65 (red labeled bottle) into one gallon of plain distilled or RO water jug.
  • Cover the jug tightly and shake well to mix it well.
  • Put a CV Concentrate label on this jug for easy view.
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