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Diamond Series XML 350

Diamond Series XML 350 Full Spectrum Grow Lights

The Diamond Series LED grow light is a new and big breakthrough in the overall grow light industry. The XML 350 diamond series LED plant light comes with some spectacular features that replaces all the conventional grow lights.

Basic Features of Diamond Series XML 350

The Diamond Series XML 350 comes with the following basic features:

  • It is capable to replace HPS, Metal Halide and Florescent grow lights
  • This high performing diamond XML 350 works extremely well in cloning, vegetative and flowering cycles
  • You will face near to no maintenance costs with XML 350.
  • No need to replace LED bulbs of XML 350 as it works perfect for straight 3 years without replacement.
  • XML 350 is made without using mercury that makes it an eco friendly product.
  • It emits close to no heat that eliminates the requirement of A/C in your grow spaces while saving on space and cost.
  • It is able to run cool that consumes less power which further saves on utility bills.
  • The exclusive LED Grow Guide 2014 is included with XML 350.
  • The Diamond Series XML 350 comes with a 90 days money back guarantee, easy return and 100% refund of purchase price.
  • It comes with a no hassle complete 3 year’s warranty.

Unique Features of Diamond Series XML 350

The features that make Diamond Series XML 350 unique are:

  • The exact 90 degree XML collimator lens offer optimal coverage in the grow area.
  • Its new 10W CREE XML Single Chip is made in your own home country i.e. USA.
  • It comes with honeycomb fan cover with Dust Filter that maintains clean grow environment as it restricts dirt from entering.
  • Diamond Series XML 350 comes with the custom designed diamond vents for most favorable air flow
  • It’s advanced LED drivers allows for higher performance
  • The color select feature of XML 350 allows you easy control on colors and light intensity
  • The Dimmable Switches with color select offers with Cloning, Vegetating and Flowering Modes
  • It contains dual heat sinks that effectively deceases heat by more than 50% compared to other grow lights.
  • Daisy Chain Link exclusive feature allows you to run multiple lights (maximum of 4 Lights) on just one plugged in cord.
  • It contains the Made in USA CREE XML and Bridgelux Blue and White LED lights.
  • More than 11 types of Wavelengths Color Output is possible with this XML 350. It can produce 760nm, 740nm, 720nm, 660nm, 630nm, 615nm-480nm, 460nm, 440nm, 415nm, 380nm wavelengths.
  • All the basic and unique features of Diamond Series XML 350 come in very affordable prices.

Product Specification

Diamond Series XML 350 comes in following specs:

  • Total coverage – 4.5′ x 4.5′
  • Core coverage – 4’ x 4′
  • LED Grow lights – (10) 10w USA Made Cree XML LED’s and (144) 3w High Output LEDs (single chip).
  • Average Power Draw – 330w
  • Weight – 14 pounds
  • Dimensions – 19″L x 19″W x 3″H
  • Diamond Series XML 350 LED Grow Light Vs. 600w HPS Grow Light

The Pros and Cons of Diamond Series XML 350


  • The effectiveness of the Diamond Series XML 350 is much more than the HPS lights. It was compared to study and conclude the results. The 6 week test of Roma Tomatoes grown in soil from clone using the XML 350 LED light and the 600w HPS light was conducted. The concluding results were really amazing. At the end of six weeks period it was clearly seen that there was more growth in the leaves and plant as a whole with the XML 350 light. Also, more tomatoes were grown on this plant compared to others. In a nutshell, it was proved that Diamond Series XML 350 LED Grow Light improves plant and leaves growth while producing more number of fruits.
  • Space saving features makes this Diamond Series XML 350 even friendlier. There is no need for a cooling duct or the use of ballast. The ventilation system can be minimal. This allows more space for the plants to grow and provide more yield.
  • The dailsy chain makes the height adjustment easier, which is not a common feature in other LED grow lights.
  • Each light of the Diamond Series XML 350 grow lights come with a warranty and the quality of the manufacture is assured.


Price of the Diamond Series XML 350 seems to be a bit higher. When it is compared with its effectiveness and the quality of manufacture, the price does not matter much. In fact the higher quality reflects in its durability and the effectiveness by the long running hours of the light.

After going through all the features, specs and proof you must had concluded that XML 350 works best. This should be your first choice to buy if you are planning to start your own indoor garden.

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