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Dimmable Digital 250 Watt Ballasts

250W HPS MH Digital Electronic Dimmable Ballast Grow Light

The Dimmable Digital ballasts for lighting systems are used increasingly. The growers have known the advantages of using them and further advancements will continue to increase its benefits. These Dimmable Digital electronic ballasts are made available in various sizes, 250w, 400w, 600w and 1000w. The more details on Dimmable Digital 250 Watt Ballasts are discussed here.

Benefits of Dimmable Digital 250 watt Ballasts

  • More Lumen Output – It efficiently outputs up to 30% more lumens per watt than other traditional magnetic styled ballasts. It produces more light that further offers you improved yields.
  • Stable Light Output – This is an excellent use in scientific agriculture, laboratories and other uses where exact standardized light output is needed.
  • Fast Starting up – It is capable to reach its full brightness in about one minute whereas the other magnetic ballasts usually take about twenty minutes.
  • Runs in Complete Silence – You grow environment will not bother you with any noise or vibration from this Dimmable Digital Ballast.
  • Produce Less Heat – Less heat gets generated with this digital ballast. This maintains cool environment and less heat means less wasted power that saves electricity costs.
  • Dimmable ballast – It is not only digital but also dimmable to provide greater flexibility in the grow area.
  • Longer Bulb Life – Ballasts support in Lumen output and prevents loss over time compared to other magnetic ballasts.

Benefits of Dimmable Digital 250 Watt Ballasts

Apart from the benefits of Dimmable Digital Ballast mentioned above, the 250 Watt Ballasts come with some more great benefits. They are:

The Dimmable Digital 250 Watt Ballasts consumes low energy that saves your money. This Digital 250 Watt Ballast comes with a super lumen switch to boost your bulb output. It adds a 10% power boost to get the most out of your bulbs. It includes a dimmer switch that makes you able to manipulate the light output during different plant growth phases. The Dimmable Digital 250 Watt Ballasts contains 4 settings i.e. it can run on 150w, 175w, 250w and 250SL (super lumens 250w + 10%)

Uses of Dimmable Digital 250 Watt Ballasts

Other Components – The Dimmable Digital 250 Watt Lighting Ballast works best when used in conjunction with Reflector, 250w MH Grow lamp and 250w HPS Bloom lamp. It is recommended to use a Timer or Contactor setup to control the light cycle of your lighting system. For plant growth success, it is very important to control light and offer the proper light that plant requires to grow.

Grow Area – This Dimmable Digital 250 Watt Ballasts is perfect for use in small grow areas that is measured: 80cm x 80cm. It is also suitable for propagation lighting and for maintaining proper health of mother plants in the vegetative phase using a Metal Halide grow lamp. As an option, you can also use a 250w Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) in small growing space for maximum benefit.

This Dimmable Digital 250 Watt Ballasts carries a 3 years replacement warranty and additional 2 years pro-rated warranty as well. It comes with one 120V power cord that allows you to easily plug in to start using instantly. This small sized ballast is very effective in offering you maximum from the available grow area.

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