DIY Vertical Gardens and Hydroponic Grow Systems

Vertical Garden means to grow plants vertically on any surface. This is a great way of space saving and utilizing any small place for a green environment. Vertical gardens can be used for farming, as well as an aesthetic method to decorate any wall also. Vertical gardening does not restrict to the walls. Anything can choose as a base for vertical garden. A chain of used bottles, trays arranged one above the other, a wire mesh that can be hanged, etc.

Vertical garden is something that is much easier to make than any other kind of gardens. Both soil and hydroponics system can be used for vertical gardening. It is one of the do-it-yourself hobbies as well as a good revenue generator of a bigger scale is possible. There are many tricks to make DIY Vertical gardens.

  • Felt Pocket is available in the market. The pockets in it are used for planting.
  • Bottles can be used for vertical gardening. The bottles are filled with soil and nutrients and plants are planted. These bottles can be fixed on the walls in many designs.
  • Bottles interconnected: Another method is to hand the bottles one above the other and plants the plants in them. They are connected with water tubes and the tube is connected to a water resource that has an electrical pump to pump the water. Water reaches the topmost bottle and since the bottles are interconnected, the excess water will comes down to the next bottle and when the water reaches the last bottle the water will be drained back into the reservoir. This is the cheapest hydroponic vertical garden possible.
  • Potted plants can be arranged vertically on a small portion of a wall to create a vertical garden. Instead of the pots any container or small buckets also can be used for this purpose.
  • Pallets can be converted into a vertical garden. The fence pallets can be made into a vertical garden to cover the old look of the wood.
  • A magazine rack can be converted into a vertical garden. Fill in the racks with soil and plant the plants in them. Make sure to make holes for drainage to avoid rotting of the plants. This is an easy herb garden for the kitchen.
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