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DuraMax LED Grow Light

Lighting is a crucial element of plant growth and there are number of grow lights available for this purpose. The LED plant light has been proven to have many benefits. The DuraMax LED Grow Light is a type of LED plant lighting system.

Features of DuraMax LED Grow Light

1. Spectrum of Lighting – The plants utilizes different spectrum of lighting during the different stages of its plant growth. The DuraMax LED Grow Light provides the perfect growth inducing lights with the different ranges of spectrum, that is, red, blue, white, infrared and even UVB. These single LED grow lights assist in both the vegetation as well as flowering phase of the plant growth. That is, this grow light not only boosts up the vegetative growth of the plants but also promotes the growing process in the budding and blooming stage of the plant life cycle.

2. Light Penetration – Deep light penetration is provided by the DuraMax LED Grow Light. The technology of MagniLens is used here for the 3 watts LED chips which helps to magnify the light emitted by this grow light. The light penetration is so deep that even the bottom of the plants gets the lights. This helps in increasing the overall quality of the plant.

3. Light Distribution – The DuraMax LED Grow Light provides for not only a deep light penetration but it also gives an even distribution of light. There is a wide coverage of light and it makes sure the light is distributed to each and every corner of the hydroponic grow system. The whole plants are covered from top to bottom and enhances the healthy growth of the plants.

4. Remote Control – A remote control is available in the DuraMax LED Grow Light package. You can control the settings using this remote control. Just by sitting at a place you can adjust, change and set the settings of your timer, lighting system, temperature and so on.

5. Timer – There is a timer available in the hydroponics grow box to control and maintain the DuraMax LED Grow Light. This timer enables the user to set it to turn the lights on and to turn the lights off, that too automatically. In cases where you are busy or forget to watch the plants for a day, this timer comes to rescue as you do not have to worry about the lighting to be provided to the plants. The timer ensures that the right amount of lighting is given to the plants at the right time.

6. Less Heat – unlike much other lighting system, the DuraMax LED Grow Light emits only very less heat thereby keeping the environment cool. Too much of heat damages the texture and the growth of the plants. The surroundings of the plant growth and the hydroponic grow systems should always maintain a cool atmosphere inside it. The LED lighting systems produce less heat when compared to the HID lighting system, the HPS system, the fluorescent system and other lighting systems. Because of the cool lighting the DuraMax LED Grow Light provides, there is fewer requirements of the cooling fans and carbon filters. This also helps to give more space inside the hydroponic grow system. It also saves you a lot on the costs because of usage of less number of equipment’s.

7. Power Consumption – Being an LED lights, the DuraMax LED Grow Light not only produces less heat it also consumes only less power. They perform definitely better than the HID lightings of HPS lightings and MH lights and you can cut down huge costs from your electricity bills.

8. Longer Life – The DuraMax LED Grow Light has a longer durable life when compared to the other LED grow lights available in the market. This grow light lives up to providing more than 50,000 hours of lighting. Because of it durable nature, this LED grow light is cheaper when taken the longer run. As high quality LEDs are used there is no degrading of the light over the time.

9. Performance – The DuraMax LED Grow Light provides highly effective and efficient performance. It promotes the resin production, node spacing and the overall quality of the plants. There is no additional cooling systems required in a hydroponic grow system where the DuraMax LED Grow Light is used as this LED light itself provides a cool lighting in the system.

You can purchase the DuraMax LED Grow Light for your hydroponic system online. There are some grow boxes where you get the DuraMax LED Grow Light installed. For the others you can purchase it separately.

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