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Grow Lights are an important equipment if you are growing your plants in a grow system like the hydroponics system. The plants grown inside the grow system do not receive the natural lighting, hence artificial lighting should be provided. There are number of grow lights available in the market in the different lighting system category. LED lighting, CFL lighting, HID lighting, HPS lighting and MH lighting are some of the lighting systems used not only in the grow boxes but also for a huge number of other purposes.

EiKO is a Certified Green provider of Grow Lights that offers a number of top lighting products in the market for 35 years. They linger on the motto “Selection. Solution. Simplicity.” They offer products with high efficiency and low energy consumption rates.

The Grow Lights offered by EiKO are

  • LitespanLED Fixtures – An innovative modular designed LED lights are provided by EiKO which provides thermal control and scalability. The lights are emitted as directed and has a weather protection too.
  • LED Lamps – LED lights are known for its less power consumption and less production of heat. High quality Cree chips are used in the LED Lamps by EiKO Grow Lights which maintains the color and provides for a durable life with superior lumen.
  • ColorMaster PRO Ceramic Metal Halide – Advanced ceramic arc tube is used in this MH lamps for increasing the lumen maintenance and also providing for a greater color stability and color rendering.
  • HID Lamps – The High Intensity Discharge lamps by EiKO Grow Lights are available in various options like pulse start, clear and coated, open fixture and so on. These HIDs are high in quality and has a dura
  • Fluorescent Lamps – The CFLs of EiKO Grow Lights is known for its quality, long life, tri-phosphor blends, self-ballast and environment friendly features.
  • Halogen Lamps – The specialty of halogen lamps provided by the EiKO Grow Lights are known for its heavy-gauge glass, high output halogen burners, premium gas mixtures, quality reflector coatings, linear beam patterns, superior construction and so on.
  • SoLux Halogen Lamps – The SoLux Halogen lamps provides all the spectrum of lighting you get from the sunlight and is available in MR16 and PAR shapes.
  • Incandescent Lamps – Incandescent lamps are the lamps commonly used and it still maintains its property of extended life and energy efficiency. This light is available in the 130 volt version.
  • Miniature and Automotive Lamps – There are indicator and accent lamps provided by the EiKO Grow Lights for miniature and automotive purposes. These lamps have a nickel-plated brass base which has the property of protecting the lamp from corrosion attacks.
  • Automotive Forward Lighting – These lights are used in vehicles and are equipped with tungsten filaments which produce a brighter and whiter light.
  • Sealed Beam Lamps – The Sealed Beam lamps by EiKO Grow Lights features improved optics, better alignment, enhanced connectivity and clear visibility.
  • ANSI Coded Lamps – The ANSI Coded Lamps are mainly used in the entertainment industry for television and photography purposes.
  • Photographic and SSTV Lamps – There is a huge variety of Photographic and SSTV lamps available in the stores of EiKO Grow Lights which are used for a number of lighting purposes.
  • ArcMaster SSTV Discharge Lamps – These discharge lamps produces high quality OEM lamp that gives a brilliant color stability and lumen maintenance.
  • ColorMaster Digital Imaging Lamps – This Imaging Lamps by the EiKO Grow Lights has the capacity to last more than 10,000 hours and produces rich and balanced color quality.
  • Germicidal Lamps – Nowadays you can kill the germs using the lighting systems. The EiKO Grow Lights provides such light called the Germicidal Lamp which produces ultraviolet lights to destroy the pests.
  • Healthcare, Medical and Scientific Lamps – EiKO Grow Lights also provides lighting required by the different equipments used in the medical field. These lights are developed with utmost care and quality and provide a healthy environment in the premises of usage.
  • LCD Lamps – The LCD lamps manufactured by the EiKO Grow Lights is a great blessing to the AV market with its top quality.
  • Safety-Coated Lamps – These safety-coated lamps are the ideals lamps to be used in the medical, s
  • Retrofit or Refit – The Retrofit or Refit is used for the replacement purposes. There is ballast available with each unit which does not require any rewiring.

To purchase these 20 products and to know further details on the EiKO Grow Lights, click on the following link:

Eiko lights – FAQs

What is the average life in Eiko Lights?

Average life is the ‘rated’ average life that has been derived after keeping in mind several conditions of lamps as per the design voltage. Average life and service life are different as many situations such as voltage fluctuations, shocks, vibration or other environmental conditions can affect the life of lamp which will result in shorter life.

How does Eiko canopy lights work for me?

Eiko canopy lights are efficient and provide good durability and are best recommended for gas stations, mass transit depots or bank drive throughs. They come with LED fixtures that DO NOT emit heat unlike other lamps as they have heat sink to curb the thermal intensity. The best feature is the same light output even after 60,000 hours of use.

Are Eiko lights available for cars or motorcycles?

Yes, there are many Eiko halogen lights/headlamps available at Eiko lights that are manufactured in Germany to the best of standard and come with different watts to suit your automobile style.

Is Eiko christmas lights available at Canada?

Yes, celebrate the love of God with Eiko Christmas lights that are available not only in USA but Canada too and arrive at budget fit price.

What is the operating temperature of Eiko flood light?

Eiko Flood light operates in -40OC to 55OC (ambient temperatures) and is available in various watts that range from 30w to 240w making it easier to opt for the one you prefer. Eiko flood light is best recommende for parks and recreational center, security purposes and more.

Can I use Eiko general lighting as Eiko grow lights?

Though it is not recommended by the company – Eiko, many growers use CFL and Fluorescent lights for growing vegetables.

How does Eiko LED lights work?

Though LED was very much expensive at earlier days, in recent times the cost has been cut down. LED lights are preferred by many people as it guarantees a healthy durable life without any heat emanation.

Are there any Eiko light bulb catalog available?

Yes, each and every light bulb is available in respective catalog that provides apt specifications about the product giving you a clear perspective of the product.

Does Eiko lighting come with replacement bulbs?

Not necessarily. While some of the products come with replacement bulbs such as Halogen lamps, not every product listed claims replacement bulb.

Are there any Eiko lighting reviews available?

There are many reviews about Eiko lighting which can be found in various marketing sites such as amazon. These reviews come with both good and bad experience from users which will help you get a clear perspective about the product.

Does Eiko lighting offer any warranty?

Yes, every product comes with warranty but NOTE that every category of products come with different warranty period. For instance, MH, HPS, or Mercury vapor lamps come with 15 months warranty while Linear fluorescent (below 14 watt) comes with 12 months and fluorescent above 14 watt comes with 24 months. There is a complete PDF document devoted to warranty so make sure you go through before buying any lamps.[/restab][/restabs]

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