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Grow Lights are used for the hydroponics system placed at your home. For plants outdoors natural lighting is available but for the plants grown indoors this facility is not available. Because of this artificial lighting should be provided inside the hydroponic system.

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[restab title=”Features” active=”active”]There are a number of different varieties of grow lights available in the market. ePapillion Grow Light is a grow light that provides for a greater light and better growth. High quality luminaries and materials are used with patented reflector design. These lights provides for the maximum amount of lighting with less heat production. Very effective and efficient results are provided by these grow lights.

Plants requires different spectrum of lighting during the different stages of its plant growth. There is red spectrum of light, blue spectrum of light, white spectrum of light and even ultraviolet spectrum of lighting. Different spectrum of lighting is used for vegetation and flowering and budding stages. All spectrums of lighting are provided by the ePapillion Grow Light.

Features of ePapillion Grow Light

  • Ultra High Frequency Ballast – The ePapillion Grow Lights are equipped with ultra high frequency ballast with a range of wattages. They are available from 300 watts to 1000 watts and more.
  • Aluminum Reflector – Reflectors are used to collect the excess of lighting and to send it back to the plants. it ensures that the emitted light is not wasted. The aluminum reflector provided by the ePapillion Grow Light is a higher density Vega aluminum which has an annual depreciation of 1% only. Aluminum reflector also provides for a longer life. High surface density and high reflection capacity is provided. The reflector helps to reduce the heat and provides a deeper penetration of the light.
  • Open Reflector Design – The ePapillion Grow Light has a patented open reflector design that increases the efficiency of the grow light to 95%. It also gives a durable life to the bulb as there is very limited heat buildup. Compared to the other grow lights available in the market, the ePapillion Grow Light produces only less heat. Too much of heat in the growing environment have a negative effect on the plants. This design helps in directing more light to the plants and venting out the excess heat produced. The reflector can be removed and replaced with ease. There is a natural air current created and this helps in distributing the heat evenly around the environment. This design helps in preventing the hotspots on the plants and increases the lamp life of the ePapillion Grow Light.
  • Easy Maintenance – The ePapillion Grow Light is designed in such a way that it is easy to clean and maintain it.
  • Other lighting system – Along with the ePapillion Grow Light, there are also Metal Halide lamps, Double ended EL lamps, Daylight lamps and so on available. These assist the grow lights and provides for an improved performance.
  • Driver Efficiency – The ePapillion Grow Light has a driver efficiency of 95%. More amount of light is produced with the same level of energy, thereby providing for high efficiency and effectiveness. The highest PAR output per watt is provided by this grow light.
  • Safety Cover – There is a safety over for the products of ePapillion Grow Light which gives a thermal buffer that acts as a hindrance on any objects that comes in direct contact with the hot reflector material. This safety cover also has the capacity of reducing the heat from 390o F to 160o F.
  • Ventilation – The ePapillion Grow Light has a Gore-Tex ventilation which provides for an extreme air pressure fluctuation. These grow lights also have sealed housing.
  • Replaceable – The lamp and reflector of the ePapillion Grow Light can be replaced easily.
  • Warranty – The products of ePapillion Grow Light are given a warranty of 3 years on fixtures and 1 year on bulb.

Products offered by ePapillion Grow Light

  • ePapillion 1000W 240V
  • ePapillion 1000W 277V
  • ePapillion 1000W 247V
  • ePapillion 600W
  • Double dPapillon 630W
  • dPapillon 315 W
  • Lamps
  • ePapillon HortiLED DRWB


The ePapillion Grow Lights are known for its efficiency, performance and quality. the product is definitely cheaper when compared to the deliverance of performance and also when compared to the other grow lights available in the market. The different types of lights are also available like the LED, HID, MH lightings and so on. For further details on the ePapillion Grow Lights and its products, visit the following website:[/restab]
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h2>Frequently Asked Questions – epapillon horticultural lighting system

How does the combination of red and blue lights in epapillion work for my plants?

The combo of red and blue lights benefit the plants and stimulate growth. These lumens of epapillon horticultural lighting system promotes efficient photosynthesis. How? Plants absorb certain wavelengths of both these colors trigger the right amount of energy and boost the chlorophyll electrons for photosynthesis procedure.

What is double ended mean in the epapillon 1000w and 240v lamps?

The new epapillon 100w and 240v grow lamps is probably one of its kind that comes with double ended design. This design is to increase the intensity of the grow lights keeping in mind to maintain the same amount of watts while widening the spectrum area than traditional 1000w HPS bulbs in the market. The double ended lamps have been tested good by papillion to ensure that growers derive good benefit without any quality compromise.

What is the difference between epapillon horticultural lighting system and normal lights?

To be honest, normal lights do not deliver the efficiency that grow lights produce. The combination of blue and red lights for instance offer favoring wavelengths to the plants that will motivate them to grow better than normal lights. Epapillon horticultural lighting system come with double ended grow lamps that claim to offer better yields than normal lights in the market along with a huge save on your energy bills.

What are the features of epapillon 1000w/277v lighting system?

The 277v/1000w lighting system of epapillon offers you many advantages such as more light production, reflectors and an excellent PAR output per watt. The reflector is also designed in such a way that you can easy clean or replace whenever needed. The lighting system also comes with adjustable ballast that extends the bulb life while the reflector increases 95% increase in the efficiency of the lumens without producing excess heat on the inside of the grow tent. To top it up is the 3 year warranty on fixtures and 1 year on the bulb.

Are there any epapillon reviews available online?

Epapillon reviews are available online in various sites such as amazon where users put out their experience. While the products works best as promised by the company, the oly downside is it cannot be plugged in normal socket and you need to shell out a few buck to buy a converter.

Are epapillion ballasts cheap?

Papillon ballasts is not available independently for purchase but they come with MH/HPS lamp that will increase the efficiency of the grow lamps by cutting down any voltage fluctuations, spikes etc.[/restab][/restabs]

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