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EZ Hydro Kit for indoor succulent garden

EZ Hydro Kit for indoor garden

Hydroponics type of gardening has proven to provide better and larger yields when compared to the conventional methods of soil gardening. Hydroponics system is a gardening technique where the plants instead of growing in soil are grown in water. That is, the roots of the plants are dipped in water or nutrient solution instead of soil. This method provides better, stronger and faster results when compared to the soil gardening. DIY homemade hydroponic kits are also available.

There are number of hydroponic systems available in the market. You can also build your own system. The EZ Hydro Kit is a build your own system.

Components of the EZ Hydro Kit

Now you can build your own EZ Hydroponics Kit. Here are some of the components you will need to build the EZ Hydro Kit yourself:

  • Container – There must be a bucket to hold the water. You can take any container or bucket at your home that can hold 5 gallons of waters. The container should be strong enough to hold gallons of water. It should also have properties to withstand rusting and leakage. The container must be waterproof to have a long lasting life.
  • Water – Water is an essential input for the healthy growth of the plants. Plants need water to function the process of photosynthesis. Water should be supplied to each and every part of the plants and the container must be filled with enough water to feed all the plants grown inside the hydroponic system.
  • Aquarium Air Pump – Aquarium air pumps should be installed in all the hydroponic grow systems as plants require continuous supply of oxygen for its growth in each and every stage. The function of the air pump is to pump the oxygenated air to the plants and pump back the deoxygenated air.
  • Airline tubing – Airline tubing is used for the transportation of the oxygenated and deoxygenated air. The airline tubes are connected to the air pump and it is through these airline tubes that the flow of oxygen takes place.
  • Air Stone – Air stones are used for providing aeration and circulation inside the system. Nowadays there are colorful air stones available which makes your whole hydroponic system decorative and colorful. Apart from the aesthetic benefits, the air stones are used for diffusing air into the growing chamber where the plants are held.
  • Pots – Pots are used to hold the plants. The number and types of pots to be installed in the EZ Hydro Kit depends on the number and type of plants one is planning to grow. Plastic hanging basket pots are commonly used, but also there are other pots used which can fit securely inside the bucket.
  • Hydroton clay potting stones – Hydroton is a type of expanded air bubble which has high permeability and high durability. Being light weight, they also have excellent thermal insulation properties that are well sorted to be used as potting stones in the hydroponics grow systems.
  • Hydroponic nutrients – The nutrient solution is formed by adding the nutrients to the water in the container or reservoir. Plants require nutrients in each and every stage of its life cycle to produce healthy, tasty and high quality produce. The taste, color and flavor of the fruits, flowers and vegetables grown by providing the hydroponic nutrients are great and high in quality. There are number of hydroponic nutrients kits available in the market and you can choose the nutrients best suitable for the type of plants you are growing.
  • Power supply – Before you construct your EZ Hydro Kit of your own, you must make sure that your hydroponic grow systems gets continuous supply of power for its functioning. Continuous power ensures that the air pump, timer and all the other equipments inside the grow system performs its functions continuously without any fluctuations. This provides a smooth growing environment for the plants.
  • Plants – The type of plants must be decided before going forth with all the above components. The components also depend on the type of plants you want to grow. Tomatoes are commonly grown using the EZ Hydro Kit and have produced fruitful results. Similarly the EZ Hydro Kit can be used to grow other vegetables, fruits, herbs and so on.

You can purchase the EZ Hydro Kit online. There are also step by step processes available online which will guide you on how to go about conducting your EZ Hydro Kit and also instructions on how to build the hydroponic kit. Using this you will definitely get the desired results.

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