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FlavorFul – 2.5 Gal. – Humboldt Nutrients

Humboldt Nutrients – FlavorFul

Humboldt Nutrients offers various nutrients and additive for healthy plant growth. The dedicated team of Humboldt Nutrients is continuously working on developing and formulating new innovative products. With sincere efforts and research, Humboldt Nutrients offers FlavorFul nutrient. This product is also suitable for hydroponics systems.

FlavorFul by Humboldt Nutrients is a strong solution of 8% refined humic acid in a concentrate form. Refined Humic acid is a little known and highly useful additive for plant development. FlavorFul comes in various sizes to select depending upon your garden size. It offers 16 oz., 32 oz., 1 gal., 2.5 gal., 5 gal. and 15 gallons packs.

Generally, most of the refined humic acid formulas available on the market come in just .01% concentration. This clearly appears that these watered down derivatives is present in very low concentration in other formulas. Hence, FlavorFul offers 8% refined humic acid with a dark rich color to provide highly concentrated formulation.

Content of FlavorFul – 2.5 Gal.

FlavorFul – 2.5 Gal. – Humboldt Nutrients consists of long chains of organic carboxyl and polyhydroxide acids. This is a complex type of very active molecule with many open rings. It offers larger capacity to hold and exchange nutritive cat-ions (positively charged ion) and an-ions (negatively charged ion).

This beneficial and opposite exchange of ions boosts cell wall permeability all through the plant roots and leaf systems. Additionally, it also increases negatively charged colloidal particles proficient to hold and exchange cat-ions. Electrolytes are the vital element for healthy ion exchanges in both plants and animals.

You must have noticed that an athlete’s performance on the ground is boosted by intake of electrolyte. Similarly, plants thrive for such electrolytes to optimize growth. The added dose of electrolytes in the form of FlavorFul – 2.5 Gal. – Humboldt Nutrients not only optimizes plant health but also maintains and sustains vigorous plant growth.

The FlavorFul – 2.5 Gal. – Humboldt Nutrients contains non-plant food ingredient i.e. 8% Refined Humic Acid. This Refined Humic Acid is derived from Leonardite.


FlavorFul – 2.5 Gal. – Humboldt Nutrients is useful for soil, hydroponics or foliar application. The correct amount as recommended for each type is important to follow for large strong plants. For Hydroponics Application, use 1 tsp per gallon of reservoir water. It is suggested to change nutrient solution on a weekly basis to avoid excess sediment. In general or soil application, you can use 1-2 tsp per gallon of water in every one – two weeks. For foliar application, use ¼ – ½ tsp per gallon of finished spray solution.

Buy one FlavorFul – 2.5 Gal. – Humboldt Nutrients and use it in your garden and see the difference on your own. You will find increased and improved fruit and flower production.

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