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Flower Initiator – To Get Better Yield

The Flower Initiator 10 Watt Grow LED Light

Flower initiators are used to increase the growth and yields of the plants. It helps in increasing the growing time of the flowers. Even just by using it for 5 minutes a day, you can increase the flowering time to 13 hours instead of 12 hours. Flower initiator can be used for both outdoor gardening and for indoor growing using hydroponics system.

Features of the Flower Initiator

1. Indoors and Outdoors – The Flower Initiator can be used both indoors and outdoors. The plants grown indoors require the Flower Initiator for accelerating the plant growth. This initiator provides for a rapid and accelerated flower development.

2. Phytochrome State – The Flower Initiator has a phytochrome state that provides for extra two hours of lighting. There are two states for the Phytochrome, that is, the Pfr state and the Pr state. Both the states are totally opposite to each other. The Pfr state is also known as the waking or active state and the Pr is known as the sleeping or resting state. Far Red LED lights are used for changing to the different states. You can quickly put your plants to sleep by switching on the Pr mode. The switching of the Pfr and Pr states helps in boosting the growth of the plants and assists in the flower development.

3. Performance – The Flower Initiator when used on the plants gives better, faster and bigger yields. It not only gives a large produce but the produce is also of high quality.

4. Longer nights – Using the Flower Initiator makes the plants to get extra two hours of growing time. That is, it is just like extending the night by 2 hours. The length of the night has a huge influence on the flowering process of the plants. Night or dark periods are best for developing the flowers faster.

5. Flower and Fruit Phase – The Flower Initiator has great effects on the flower or fruit phase of plants. A timer is used to switch on and switch off the Flower Initiator. For best results run the Flower Initiator for around 5 minutes and also you will get higher yields if you start the flowers at 13 / 11 hours and reduce the day light hours to 11 /13 hours again. If this process is done during the flower and fruit development stage then you will get high quality results.

6. Outdoor plants – For the plants grown outdoors use the Flower Initiator before the night reaches 10 hours in length. For this too it is better to use the timer for controlling the Flower Initiator. You can set your timer to turn on the lights before the sunset for about 10 minutes and to turn off the lights after it’s is really dark for about 5 minutes. The timer can also be adjusted to decrease the length of the night for the plants and later on increasing the night. The benefit of this is that the Flower Initiator provides for an optimum flower development and the end result is fully bloomed flowers. For best outcome repeat this process once every month.

7. Timer settings – Timers are used to control the switch on and switch off function of the Flower Stimulator. Depending on the length of the days you have to adjust your timer to get optimum results. For short days, it is best to readjust the timer settings to sunset. You can either keep it fixed or adjust it again depending on the productivity you get while adjusting to the sunset.

8. Multiple Plants – The Flower Stimulator can be used on multiple plants. That is, it can be used in greenhouses for initiating the growth of the flowering plants grown in it. Just like for the single plants, you can increase the yields of all the plants in the greenhouse by extending the Flower Initiator to 2 hours.

9. Plant sex – The plants that show signs of sex will start to show their sex earlier than the normal when the Flower Initiator are used on them.

10. Supplemental Lighting – When the Flower Initiator is used with some supplemental lighting, you will get the best results at a faster and rapid rate. You will get quality produce that is grown many times faster when compared to the plants that have not used the Flower Stimulator. A combination of the Flower Initiator and the supplemental lighting gives amazing results.

11. Fruits – The Flower Initiator not only increases the yield of the flowering plants but also helps in getting tastier, healthier and higher quality fruits.

You can purchase the flower initiator online.

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