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G8 LED Grow Light

G8 LED Grow Lights with 8-Band + IR & UV

Plants uses the energy received from light to conduct the process of photosynthesis. So lighting in an important influence in the healthy growth of the plants. LED plant lights are a popular lighting system used for growing plants indoors.
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[restab title=”Features” active=”active”]For indoor plants, the different lighting systems available are the LED lighting system, the HID lighting system, the HPS lighting system, the MH lighting system, the Fluorescent lighting system, the Incandescent lighting system and so on.

G8 Grow lights is a model available in the LED lighting system.

Features of G8 LED Grow Light

  • G8 LED Technology – The technology used in the G8 LED Grow Light is the G8 LED Technology which combines the principles of optimal 8-band wavelength ratio and real Infrared and Ultraviolet to provide a high quality effective LED system.
  • Designed – A simple and efficient design is given to the G8 LED Grow Lights. It also has a configuration that is equivalent with the Zener Protection and Modular parts and these helps in preventing any problems of wattages. Also high quality components make up the G8 LED Grow Light in terms of the diodes, circuit boards, power supplies, fans, casings and so on.
  • Durable – The LED lights have a durable and long lasting nature and the G8 LED Grow Light is no different. These lights have the capacity to last up to 50,000 hours or 15 years of life and will not wear out of use. Also replacement is less for the G8 LED Grow Light, thereby making it a reasonable product to buy in terms of price.
  • Cool System – The G8 LED Grow Light produces very little heat output thereby keeping the lighting system as well as the inside of the grow systems cool inside. You can even touch this grow light even after it is running for 24 hours.
  • Lighting systems – Different lighting systems are available by the G8 LED Grow Light. There are G8 LED Grow Light for the vegetation and flowering stage and there are G8 LED Grow Light for the vegetation stage alone and flowering stage alone. The grow area per light can also be increased by placing it at the centre of all the plants.
  • Lighting distribution – An even light distribution is provided by the G8 LED Grow Light. It makes sure that all the area of the plants are covered and sufficient amount of light is provided to even the corners of the grow system. Also focused and effective light penetration is provided by the G8 LED Grow Light. The deeper penetration and larger yields are a result of true 3 watts chips installed in it.
  • Ideal Color Ratio – The G8 LED Grow Light is tested and proven to have the most ideal color ratio that is suitable for all the stages of the plant growth cycle. All the spectrum of lighting is provided by the G8 LED Grow Light. In fact it provides 8 bands of the color spectrum suitable for the different stages in the growth life cycle. So there won’t arise any problems of changing the grow lights during the vegetative and flowering stage. The G8 LED Grow Light provides the blue spectrum of lighting for the vegetative stage and the red spectrum of lighting for the flowering and blooming stage. Also visible white spectrum of lighting is provided which gives a clear visible light. With the help of the white light you can see the changes in the plant characteristics and watch your plants growing.
  • Power Cord – The G8 LED Grow Light has a power cord of 6 ft. there is no requirement of any ballasts and all you have to do is plug in the system and start operating. The power cords are mainly available for the US, UK, EU and AU markets. For the other countries, the power cord should be added separately and both these items are shipped together.

The G8 LED Grow Lights can give the performance similar to or more than the 800 watt HID system and provides optimum light output sufficient for all the plants grown inside the grow box. Even the spectrum of lighting provided by the LED lights and HID lights are different. The G8 LED Grow Light provides more spectrum of lighting when compared to the HID Lighting system.

The G8 LED Grow Light is also available in these wattages

  • G8 LED 240 watt Grow Light
  • G8 LED 450 watt Grow Light
  • G8 LED 900 watt Grow Light
  • G8 LED Marijuana Grow
  • 90 watt LED All Red G8 Flowering Boost

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credits: http://www.lightingideas.info/
credits: http://www.lightingideas.info/

Frequently Asked Questions – G8LED 240 watt led grow light

What is the correct distance from the hydroponic system to hang my G8 240 watt led grow light?

If you are owning a less intense lights then make sure such as 120 watt or 240 watt led grow lights, then make sure to hang it 18-24 inches from the top of the grow tent. For larger lights such as 450 watt led lights, make sure to hang 30-36 inches away from the plants. Even more intense lights such as 600/900 watt led grow lights need to be hung 32-42 inches from the grow plants. Bear in mind to maintain the same distance as and when your plants grow. This separation/distance is to motivate the plants to reach for the light and at the same time initiate proper growth.

Are the grow lights of G8led 240 watt made out of 3watt diodes?

Yes, all G8LED lights are made out 3 watt diodes except the 90W UFO lights. This is because 3 watt diodes increase the intensity and penetration of the grow light to reach the base areas of plants.

Should I get a single G8-450 or two G8-240 grow lights?

The main features such as spectrum, coverage area, price will remain the same. If you are having a grow area that is twice the width and length, then you can go in for two grow lights that will cover the area good. But if you are having a small grow area shaped a square then a larger grow light will do its work.

Can I use G8led 240 watt led grow light for cloning purposes?

Yes, G8LED grow lights help the plants right from the cloning stage to the final stage i.e. harvest without any troubles.

How are the dorm grow G8 led 240 watt led grow light reviews?

The product G8led 240 watt led grow light has received amazing reviews from growers who have used it. It has received 4.5-5 out of 5 star ratings in amazon.com. Many growers opine that the product works fantastic not only by delivering good yields but also low energy bills. The heat emission is very less when compared to other grow lights and is considered one of the best alternative for T5 bulbs by many users. Few users noticed that the leaf plants grow not just rich and healthy but dark green too. This shows that the product has won hands down opinion from growers all over USA.[/restab][/restabs]

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