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Garden design ideas that enhance your homes

Garden is an inevitable asset of any home especially for plant lovers who are just looking for a chance to enhance their homes with beautiful plants and flowers. Here are some ideas that help you to give your home an altogether different look.

You need not require a whole lot of tools to make your garden look better. Just a little bit of smooth maneuvering and some innovative ideas is all it takes to create a picturesque outlook.

  • A good clean cut lawn is the basic point to keep in mind for an effective gardening. Gardening can be time consuming, so do not commit yourself to which you cannot keep up with.
  • Make sure your exterior of the home is neat and clean with organized plants to wow the guests
  • Good patio furniture is the perfect arena for an evening chit chat. You can also use wooden deck (redwood and cedar are good as they are long lasting) at the ground level.
  • Although greenery is vital, too many green bushes and shrubs can make your garden look pale. Try and add little dash of vibrant colors of flowers. Also do a research about the plants that grow on your soil as some plants/flowers grow good in hilly areas.
  • Use trellis and garden obilesk that will provide support for plants that are creepers while inserting a beautiful look to your garden.
  • Water feature such as fountain or a bed of rocks, a small pond can be used to recreate the nature.
  • If you are growing plants on the ground level, keep a border or small rocks that make the garden look classic. It also prevents the plants from spilling on to the patio or the lawn. You can also use garden beds to raise plants that helps you to accessorize the vegetables, herbs etc.
  • If you love feng shui in your garden, use them to welcome abundance and wealth. For example, if you are planning to add water feature, southeast (money & abundance), north (career 7 path in life) and East (health & family) are excellent locations to place your fountain.
  • Another fact is to minimalize the use of equipment’s. Just like we do not clutter our bedroom, it is also necessary to keep our gardens in a subtle manner. Do not overload them with plants, shrubs and what not.
  • Lights are always a turn on for a cozy evening. Use little amount of spotlights or tea lights (different colors) always makes your garden a true Eden.

Remember, a beautiful garden always attracts many visitors. Learn and do a little research about the plants you are growing so as to enhance both your knowledge and your garden.

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