Self watering raised beds

Garden self watering to save water and for easy garden care

Self Watering Raised Bed Garden

Garden self watering to save water and for easy garden care

One of the biggest advantages of using garden self watering is that it saves a lot of water and also makes taking care of your garden a very easy process. You will use much lesser quantity of water if you use this techniques as this will provide the plants with just enough water to keep the water level consistent. When you use usual containers, water is lost through the drainage hole which is provided to prevent water logging.

Garden self watering can keep the plants from getting water logged as well. It uses capillary action to moisten the soil. This method also prevent many disease in plants as excess water can attract pests and plant diseases. You will also no longer splash the leaves with water. This system provides the soil and thus the plants directly with water.

The only catch is that you need to keep your water reservoirs filled with ample amount of water. This is not a catch per say, but that is the only chore you will have to do after installing the garden self watering pipes and other gadgets. If you are using a container garden, the self watering works with a dual wick action which brings water from the reservoir to the plant roots. This will keep the soil around the roots aptly humid.

Trickling pipes can also be used along with a timer in order to water the plants. This is perfect for you if you are planning to be away for a while or if you cannot find time to water plants regularly.

There are also garden self watering landscape borders which you can set up along the borders of your garden. The stylized walls of these borders look like granite and their assembly merely takes seconds. The sturdy construction of the borders come with 4 gallon water storage per wall. These are stackable and expandable to the lengths of your choice. These borders have specially designed soaker hoses which distribute the water to the garden

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