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General Hydroponics AzaMax Reviews

General Hydroponics AzaMax

Insecticide is an essential part of gardening, at the same time it can be harmful to the plant. This is where the bio-pesticides come into the ploy. AzaMax is one such natural plant based pesticide or insecticide that is harmful only to the pests and safe on the plants.

AzaMax uses no harsh chemicals. Instead, it relies on the anti-pesticidal properties of neem. It uses no neem oil that can be bad for the sensitive plants. In fact, AzaMAx uses the azadirachtin, the extract, to use against the pests. This is the safer option than the oil. It also makes it suitable to use on all plants, regardless of their sensitivity.

AzaMax is an insecticide solution which is concentrated and containing 1.2% of the active ingredient azadirachtin. The concentrated AzaMax is a brown colored viscous liquid with a characteristic odor.

Benefits of AzaMax

  • AzaMax is a botanical pesticide that can be used on all types of plants, whether they are indoor or outdoor. It can be used for flowering plants, shrubs, and trees.
  • It is suitable for all plants growing outdoors, in containers, interioscapes etc.
  • AzaMax can work as an insecticide, miticide and nematicide. It can repel these pests.
  • It uses the azadirachtin taken from the seed kernel. This has got the widest spectrum of pests and can act against almost all the pests.
  • The natural chemicals in azadirachtin, the active ingredient can act on the growth of the pests which eliminates the pests before they can form any chemical resistance.
  • AzaMax can be used to improve the effects of other insecticides. The AzaMax can work on the chemical defense of the pests and prevents their resistance against those insecticides.
  • It is safe for the other non-target insects like butterflies or bees and even spiders.
  • The other benefits of AzaMax are that it is a natural insect growth regulator that arrests the growth of the insects. The disrupted growth makes the pest unable to reproduce. It also affects their progress through their task of destroying the crop.
  • The anti-feedant activity blocks the feeding ability of the insects. This makes their gut grow smaller and compromises their defense. It helps the other insecticides to act on them better than before.
  • Finally, it has better solubility and highly concentrated. This makes it last for a good 2 years in storage. The effects of AzaMax would last for 14 days after application.

AzaMax insecticide- usage

  • It can be used as sprayed on insecticide or for the soil drench method for the media. It works either way, and also acts on the pests like mealy bugs, whiteflies, thrips, leaf miners, aphids, fungus gnats, beetles, nematodes, worms, leafhoppers, and soil-borne pests.
  • The important thing to note with its usage is that you need to mix the concentrated AzaMax differently for each type of pest. It is available in different capacities in containers of 4 oz, 16 oz, 1 quart, and 1 gallon.
  • The general idea is to mix the concentrated AzaMax solution in 10-100L of water. The required amount would be 30ml to 200ml, depending on the pests. The minimal amount would be roughly, 3-5 ml per liter of water.
  • The mixed solution could be sprayed all over the crops. When the infestation is higher, you need to use it continuously with a 7-10 days interval.
  • For the soil drench method, mix the solution as required, 30ml in 10L. Use 1 liter of this mix solution for every 8 liters of soil to get rid of the fungus.
  • AzaMax could be harmful to some plants like ferns. So, do a small test on the small part of the plant before you use it all over.
  • Mixing: When mixing, half fill the container and add the required amount of liquid AzaMax and then shake well. Add the additional water over this. This works well for the easy solubility.

For effective usage

  • For better results, spray or use the AzaMax when the pests are still not matured. They are vulnerable at this stage than they are grownups.
  • Spray at shorter intervals when the pests are high in number.
  • Spray in the morning or in the evening.
  • The optimal pH range would be 5-6.5. Use a pH meter to ensure the accuracy.
  • Make sure that you cover both the sides of the leaves to get rid of the pests completely on them.
  • Always use freshly made solution for spraying. Never store the unused mixed solution. So mix only what you want and not excess.

Safety measure of AzaMax

It can be irritating to skin and eyes. Always wear protective gear while handling. Make sure you have protection extending till the elbows. Wash the hands immediately after every use.

The used containers are recyclable. So wash the empty containers and give it for recycling. Never leave the empty containers unattended. It should not be burned.

AzaMax, as it is or in mixed condition, can be harmful to aquatic animals. So never let the mixed or otherwise solution contaminate the water bodies nearby. Even the used containers could the same harm. Dispose the unused solution in an unused area and away from water sources, even the drainage.

AzaMax reviews

The customer reviews show that people have used it to get rid of almost all types of pests and have succeeded in their efforts. They have used it in both the application methods. It has also worked well for orchids and other sensitive plants and has come out safer.

Some suggest using a wet applicator to get the AzaMax solution sticking to the foliage for better protection against the pests. Its compatibility with the other insecticides has also impressed many.


It is a safe way to protect your plants and crops from the harmful pests all around. Its versatility in usage and types of pests is one of a kind and natural too. You don’t get the natural and safe insecticides that are safe for plants, than AzaMax.

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