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There are many types of grow lights on sale, both online and offline. The collection of grow lights is so vast that one may get confused as to what to buy and what not to. A grower has to take his grow area and type of plants into consideration while choosing the grow lights. A grow light is not a single piece but a small unit with many parts in it. All these parts are also available on sale as separate items, when needed. Grow lights are used for indoor gardening using hydroponic systems.

The main parts of the grow light system are the light bulb, ballast system, cooling system to cool off the heat from the light, reflectors for increasing the light intensity and to provide uniform lighting all over. Fluorescent and LED plant lights do not require the cooling and ballast systems. Here are a few grow lights and systems available for sale.

Complete grow light systems are the economical and convenient while purchasing the grow lights. There will be many of this kind for sale. A grower has the choice to get the right sized and type of complete grow light system for the indoor garden. Compact grow systems and larger grow systems are all available. The grow lamp, reflector, cooling system, ballast, and the required hangers are all included.

Ballast system that controls the electric current to the grow light is available that suits different wattage of grow bulbs. When purchased separate, the ballast system has to be compatible with the grow bulb wattage and the type of grow bulb used, HPS or the MH light. Some ballast systems can work with both these types.

Reflectors help increase the intensity and uniform light dispersion. They also help dissipate some amount of heat from the light as well. Mostly the reflectors are part of the grow light system. But they are there as separate units also. Here too, many sized reflectors are there for sale. Reflectors are used for almost all types of grow lights.

Grow Light bulbs are of many kinds. HPS, metal halide lights, fluorescent light, and LED lights are all up for sale. These lights are chosen according to the plant type; grow area and the growth stage. Each of these criteria requires different kind of lights. HPS lights and Metal halide lights are mostly changed according to the growth stage and Fluorescent and LED lights that are on sale these days may be used for the entire life cycle of the plants. Sun Systems, Hypo Tek and Lumatek are a few noted brands.

Fluorescent lights produce bright and white light that is suitable for small and short plants. For herbs these lights are sufficient for their life cycle so a single purchase is enough. They are available in many watts. They also offer tubular long lights that cover more space.

LED lights for sale: LED lights are the most efficient of all in terms of efficiency, power consumption and cooling grow lights. There are many types of LED grow lights on sale like the KIND LED lights, Diamond series LED lights and G8 lights etc. These lights are manufactured in such a way that they give maximum output with less power consumption. Most of these lights can be used for the entire life cycle and need not change with the growth stages.

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