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VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

GrowBlu Spectrum LED grow lights are useful in every set up including, small greenhouses, grow tents, small grow rooms, and also for large commercial applications.

GrowBlu offers highest quality LED grow lights on the market today. These LED plant lights are developed after lots of research. They are tested and designed in autonomous facilities to ensure it produces quality spectrum for your plants. And this gives you maximum possible yields and maximum amount of vegetative growth.

GrowBlu Spectrum LED grow lights are useful in every set up including, small greenhouses, grow tents, small grow rooms, and also for large commercial applications. Its unique features are:

  • Plug-In And Grow – All GrowBlu products are created with easy three steps to plug-in and grow setup. Just hang the grow light, plug it in and turn it on. These LEDs work well in both germinating and flowering stages of plant growth.
  • Easy Maintenance – GrowBlu has designed all its lights considering your viewpoint. Lights are very user-friendly to either assemble or disassemble. They are easy to maintain and requires no glue, glass or wiring.
  • Energy Efficient – LEDs are known best for its energy efficient feature. GrowBlu Spectrum lights consume 25-50% less energy compared to high pressure sodium and metal halide grow lights. With GrowBlu you not only save more money but also lower your carbon footprint.
  • Cool Temperatures – All GrowBlu lights operate below 100 degrees Fahrenheit and contain a built in cooling system with aluminum heat sinks and high output fans to keep it cool.
  • Quiet Operation – Noise from grow lights would bother your grow environment. Hence, Growblu LEDs work at less than 35db which eliminates the need of installing any soundproofing device in your grow area.
  • Secondary Focus Lenses – The 60 degrees secondary lenses in all Growblu products help offer high intensity full spectrum light.
  • High Output Drivers – Other companies LEDs only attain 1.5w per 3w diode offering you with only 50% efficiency. GrowBlu Spectrum LEDs achieves 2.2w, providing you 68% more power and PAR for your money.
  • Growth Efficiency – These LEDs outputs only specific wavelengths spectrum that plants could absorb. This allows your growing plants with 100% absorption efficiency to offer you more quality yields.
  • Recyclable – Growblu LED products are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. No glass, glue, or harmful chemicals are used in any components or production of these lights.
  • 110v Or 240v Option – All Growblu products comes with an option to be used with a standard 110v wall plug or 240v.


Growblu spectrum LED Grow Light Product Line includes models categorized into two:

1. Super UFO Series

Super UFO utilizes a unique proprietary spectrum that generates exceptional yield. This spectrum provides your plants with the precise amount of light and energy necessary for optimal plant growth in all its life stages. The 144W Super UFO offers about 1 square foot of coverage area and the 225W Super UFO produces outstanding coverage and keeps an average canopy temperature of 77 degrees.

  • 144W Super UFO
  • 225W Super UFO

2. Apollo Series

Apollo Series grow lights are extremely energy efficient and operate at a fraction of wattage compared to other similar products on the market. Apollo series light features two lenses that work together with a magnifying lens. This magnifying lens multiplies that total power output without utilizing more energy from the line. This is the most innovative technology available only in premium lighting products and Growblu offers you Apollo lighting products at reasonable prices. The various models of Apollo Series are:

  • 96x3w Apollo Veg Spectrum
  • 120x3w Apollo Full Spectrum
  • 180x3W Apollo Full Spectrum Light
  • 240x3W Apollo Full Spectrum Light

Growblu grow lamps use the finest spectrums to promote plant growth and deliver unimaginable results. These grow lights are highest quality that is build to last long.

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VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum
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